Top 5 Unknown Facts About Ultraviolette F77, India’s Fastest Electric Bike

  • Feb 2, 2023
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We rode the Ultraviolette F77 and found that it has a few tricks up its sleeve

The Ultraviolette F77 is India’s fastest electric motorcycle. We rode it recently and here’s what we thought about it. Naturally, with such performance it is bound to get a lot of attention, but we bet you never knew about these five facts about the F77: 

It Gets Two Batteries

Wait, what? Wasn’t the F77 drawing electric juice from a massive 10.5kWh battery pack? Well, the F77’s battery pack is the largest on any electric two-wheeler in the country, weighing 65kg! It needs an external power source to wake up from deep sleep, and here’s where the secondary lead acid battery comes into play. This battery also helps power the ABS motor.

Winglets - Aerodynamic And Protective 

The design of the F77 clearly conveys its sporty intentions. Despite being classified as a naked bike, the F77 gets winglets on the bodywork enclosing the battery pack. While these winglets look cool and are also aerodynamic, they have an additional function of serving as basic crash guards. The winglets have metal reinforcements towards their base, which are connected to the battery pack, thus protecting the e-bike in case of a fall.

Minimal Chain Sound 

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It’s no secret that electric motorcycles are silent. Hence, you’d expect to hear quite some chain noise while riding e-bikes with chain drive. Surprisingly, the noise levels in the F77 are minimal. This is impressive, and something that is not observed in quite a lot of ICE motorcycles too. 

Ballistic Mode Enhanced To Last Longer 

You get to unleash the full potential of the F77 when you’re riding it in Ballistic mode. In its previous iteration, the usage of this mode was only allowed while the battery’s state of charge was between 100 to 70 percent. However, now, Ballistic mode can be operated from a fully charged state, until it reaches 30 percent. 

Three Regen Modes…For Now

On a sporty ICE motorcycle, you’d rely a lot on engine braking, especially when you’re setting hot laps on the track. Similarly, as the F77 is at home on a racetrack, you’d be dependent on regenerative braking to reduce load on the brakes. Currently the F77 offers three regen modes – Low, Medium and High – however, we didn’t find any of these modes making a big difference in slowing the bike down. However, Ultraviolette will soon be introducing 10 levels of regenerative braking via a software update.

Ultraviolette F77 Video Review

Ultraviolette F77
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