Hero Electric Eddy Images

  • Right Side View of Eddy
    Right Side View
  • Rear View of Eddy
    Rear View
  • Front Left View of Eddy
    Front Left View
  • Rear Right View of Eddy
    Rear Right View
  • Head Light of Eddy
    Head Light
  • Tail Light of Eddy
    Tail Light
  • Seat of Eddy
  • Rear Suspension View of Eddy
    Rear Suspension View
  • Model Name of Eddy
    Model Name
  • Back View Mirror of Eddy
    Back View Mirror
  • Front Indicator View of Eddy
    Front Indicator View
  • Front Brake View of Eddy
    Front Brake View
  • Foot Space View of Eddy
    Foot Space View
  • Back Rest View of Eddy
    Back Rest View
  • Rear Brake of Eddy
    Rear Brake
Hero Electric Eddy Brochure

Hero Electric Eddy 2024 Brochure

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Hero Electric Eddy
Hero Electric Eddy
Rs. 72,000
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Hero Electric Eddy User Reviews

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  • Hero Electric Eddy Electrifying Commuter Delight!"

    The eddy is an eco-friendly and light-weight electric scooter ideal for urban travel. The young and chic design of Eddy makes it an attractive choice of mobility for riders in search of a trendy eco friendly transportation option. It has an electric motor which makes it quiet yet comfortable while commuting in cities. It will provide reasonable range per charge making it convenient for daily travelling. It has a light build that’s agile enough to easily traverse through urban streets. Also, the Eddy has vital networking systems as well as easy to use interface. This particular model by hero electric reflects its dedication to sustainability, providing a green and easy way of commuting everyday.

  • Hero Electric Eddy Effortless Electric Commuting

    With its electric effectiveness and straightforward two wheeler, the Hero Electric Eddy has made my passages easier. With its quiet and affable ride handed by the electric motor, it's a good option for standard City trip. Riding the Eddy is made hassle- free with its simple features and intuitive two wheeler. While range advancements could be taken into account, the Eddy's fidelity to offering a useful and environmentally responsible electric scooter is emotional. Hero Electric's emphasis on effectiveness and simplicity is apparent in the Eddy, which provides druggies with a reliable and uncomplicated Independence for environmentally friendly City transportation.

  • Charging Time of scooter is 4 to 5 Hours

    Hero Electric Eddy is My new scooter that I brought one week ago. This Scooter is very light weight and also very easy to drive. The Riding Range claimed by company per charge is approx 85 km. But i got much less.The Hero Electric Eddy is power by 250 watt powerful motor. Charging Time of scooter is 4 to 5 Hours. Electric scooter is also cost effective, so All people prefering Electric Vehicle nowadays. All other features amd specifications provided by company is very much impressive at this price point.

  • Futuristic anfd funky looks

    Hero electric eddy is one of the coolest and funky looking entry level electric bike. The starting price of this electric scooter is around 72k in Indian market. This electric scooter is powered by the 250w of the motor. This 250w motor is very capabale for the entry level scooter and is a BLDC motor. The exterior look of this electric scooter is very good and the apron mounted LED headlmaps is very capable in night time and the throw of this headlamp is laso very decent. The drum brakes are not up to the mark.

  • Comfortable and upright riding posture

    The Hero electric eddy is one of the coolest and most unique looking entry level electric bikes and the outer appearance of this electric scooter is extremely attractive and the apron mounted LED headlamp is highly capable in the dark with a respectable throw but Drum brakes are insufficient. In the Indian market, the starting pricing for this electric scooter is roughly 72k and the motor on this electric scooter has a capacity of 250w and this 250w BLDC motor is ideal for entry level scooters.

  • Sets New Standards for Electric Urban Travel.

    Hero's electric motor Eddy is a brilliant conception for municipality commuters, especially for companies performing in civic locales. This electric motor scooter has a crisp and responsive assist, making it an excellent liberty for conning assiduous megalopolis expressways. Its modest but dynamic project fits the conditions for quotidian peregrinations. Reliable screen measures insure security during the assist. It's a tremendous emancipation for individualities who enjoy popular and outstanding public conveyance since it reaches a full blend between efficacity and interpretation. This scooter's capabilities have astounded me. This electric 2- wheeler is veritably unusual, with a voluminous range and a satiny design. It mixes unconventional interpretation with a wide variety while conserving its aesthetic solicitation.

  • Eddy Electrifying Commuter Delight!

    In tours of civic mobility, the Hero Electric Eddy is revolutionary. This verdant electric scooter provides a new emulsion of project, functionality, and sustainability. The Eddy's energetic electric machine allows it to drone through megacity business with release, which makes diurnal exchanging a gas. Its long- lasting battery guarantees a solicitude- free trip, and its tasteful phraseology elevates your agent. The Eddy is further than exclusively a scooter it's a protestation of fun and responsible transportation. With the Hero Electric Eddy, you can revise your civic adventure and grasp the future.

  • Entrylevel and hightech

    This electric scooter is very light weight and entry level electric scooter pricing starts from the 72 thousands in Indian market. Hero electric Eddy ihas 250 W of BLDC motor and the top speed of the 25 kmph is very less and does not required any registration. The claimed driving range is 85 kilometers per charge and the battery capacity is 1.25 kWh and takes uyp to 5 hours from 0 to 100 percent. Its body is decent and has LED headlamps, backrest , single piece seat, fully digital instrument console having find my bike are there.

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