Hero Passion XTEC Images

  • Front Right View of Passion XTEC
    Front Right View
  • Head Light of Passion XTEC
    Head Light
  • Speedometer of Passion XTEC
  • Engine of Passion XTEC
  • Fuel tank of Passion XTEC
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of Passion XTEC
  • Exhaust View of Passion XTEC
    Exhaust View
  • Rear Tyre View of Passion XTEC
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of Passion XTEC
    Front Tyre View
  • Front Suspension View of Passion XTEC
    Front Suspension View
  • Front Indicator View of Passion XTEC
    Front Indicator View
  • Front Brake View of Passion XTEC
    Front Brake View
Hero Passion XTEC

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Hero Passion XTEC Brochure
Hero Passion XTEC Brochure
Download Brochure Hero Passion XTEC Brochure Hero Passion XTEC Brochure
Hero Passion XTEC
Hero Passion XTEC
Rs. 81,038
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Hero Passion XTEC User Reviews

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    The hero passion xtec is an amazing performer in both fuel economy and style at an affordable price.It has been a reliable partner, And it always meets the expectations of its high-quality reputation.It is beautiful and sturdy, Has strong frame and fantastic look.I have use this bike overall best bike for me.Thank you.

  • An Attractive and Smart Commuter

    It is a Hero Passion Xtec that affords the best mix of attractive style and power. It has a modern design, colorful dashboard, and LED mobile-oriented details with brand new logos and images. It will be both fun and easy to ride with its 110cc powerful engine, 5-speed gearbox and i3s system that saves fuel for better fuel efficiency. It is low running cost and easy to maintain. Hero Passion Xtec bike has style and quality that meets most people's needs, thus is a good choice for those seeking a stylish and reliable vehicle.

  • Precision Engineering, Unleashing the X-Factor

    With the Hero love Xtec, whereX-factor meets precise engineering, i can unlock my love for riding. A thrilling riding experience is handed by the Passion Xtec's well finagled, strong machine, quick running, and eye catching design. This motorbike offers unexampled Performance and exhilaration at every turn, whether Navigating City Highways or touring wringing rows. The enthusiasm Xtec is certain to aggrandize my enthusiasm for riding and make an jolt wherever i go thanks to its Advanced features and scrupulous concentration to detail.

  • Redefining Excellence in Commuting

    Having a powerful four-valve motor that brings in reliable power when you occasionally have fun offroad or run around your city everyday makes Hero XPulse 200T 4V exhilarating to ride. The rider feels more comfortable in such an upright positions, thus long rides are recommended. It comes with dual-purpose tyres for enhanced stability in different surfaces while maintaining maneuverability due to the light weight. The suspension system efficiently absorbs bumps and thus ensures for a hassle-free ride. However, it would disappoint those seeking a more rugged configuration with limited off-road capability.

  • Passion Xtec Passionate Commuting, Xtra Tech.

    The Hero Passion Xtec is not exclusively a bike for exchanging. For the coincidental rider, Xtra Tech means enthusiastic commuting. This bike sets the bar advanced because it provides an excellent blend of Design and mileage, making everyride the ideal combination of interpretation and fineness. It's a motorcycle that ups my fashion game in extension to satisfying my want for mobility. my can have the stylish of both worlds with a beautiful and active bike, and the Passion Xtec is a Stylish and ultrapractical Independence that not only gets my where my need to go but also adds faculty along the expressway.

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