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Preferred For : Family & Daily Commute

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Harish CHALL.. 5.0 9 Mar 2020

a perfect car for a family of 4. worth every single penny. best car in this segment. I frequently travel long distances (700kms) at a stretch, never felt troubled. goes very smooth upto 130-140km. from 140, vehicle starts slightly trembling. but in our roads, we rarely go for that speed continuously. a reasonable mileage of 15-18 Kms(petrol variant). a great look. don't ever ask about the interiors, Hyundai is always the best in this. good controls, great boot space and leg space. this is the only car in this segment which gives a rear AC vent. engine is very smooth. car is very safe. only minor problem is: the bottom portion is made of plastic, if the car goes over some oddly constructed speed breakers or deep pits there are high chances that the bottom carrier assembly getting broken. it happened twice for me in the first year of purchase itself. then I understood that I need to go slower than the slowest over such places and then never faced any problem.apart from that, I have no single complaint. go for minimum sports version, to enjoy a wholesome ride.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Pramit Roy
Pramit Roy 4.7 28 Oct 2020

I bought this car in December 2018. And I have been using this car for the last 2 years and I'm happy with the car till now. Overall performance is good, I drove the car on tarmac, Hill station, Bad roads filled with potholes and I'm impressed with the ride quality of this car. The only con/disadvantage of this car is its ground clearance (approach angle specifically). The ground clearance is quite low and not ideal for Indian road conditions. Rest it's a perfect family car with good performance and decent mileage. An initial lag is there but post-2000 rpm performs quite well till 5000 RPM. The comfort that the car provides is best in its segment I feel. Overall I'm happy with the car. It's a comfortable feature-rich family car with good performance and driving dynamics.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 14 kmpl
Kumar Doka
Kumar Doka 4.0 2 Sep 2020

Nice car but this may up more, in my entire drive I enjoying a lot n good news is that still I didn't allow to touch the engine part because it's one handed owner. Good car in my opinion. M happy to be a customer for Hyundai but unfortunately to say that now m going to be a KIA's customer for kia sonet or may be for mahindra company for new n exciting most awaited suv in India. But first preference shall be goes on KIA's sonet because lots of tremendously loaded with features but before buying I would like to confirm KIA's sonet ground clearance, if it is more than 190 mm of ground clearance then definitely go for the KIA's sonet🤩 because in my state maximum of roads are hilly as well tough roads too.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 14 kmpl
Jonathan Emmett
Jonathan Emmett 4.3 20 Sep 2019

Own 2014 Asta Petrol. Gives me 18kmpl in the city and on long highway drives goes upto 24kmpl. For a family of 3. A good comfortable car with enough space for luggage. Driving is easy in the city with the dimensions. Parking and turning in tight spaces is a breeze. Engine response is good enough and gives you the small boost needed for fast overtakes. Seems confident enough on the highways at fast speeds but I don"t push it more than the 100km mark. Hyundai"s design language is one of my favorites before Honda"s. And the Asta version is feature packed.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 22 kmpl
Dinesh Mishra
Dinesh Mishra 2.0 27 Sep 2019

i have owned a grand i10 magna crdi in april 2016 and engine wise it is very bad experience the injectors and turbo chagers are not working properly. i have not ever seen such a bad performance car. I advice to management to take action to resolve this problem. most of your customers like me are suffering it"s effects your compeny image also. please resolve the problem other wise i will never adice to anyone to purchase your products. i am shamed after purchasing this product and your company naglegence.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Thang Seldou
Thang Seldou 3.7 14 Oct 2019

First of all, it is a stylish hatchback that beats the hell out of Maruti Swift and others. Interior is tip top, materials used are superior to other cars in this price segment. Smooth and problem free driving, no major maintenance needed in 5 years. Mileage is not the best in its segment, but it is ok. Overall, it surpasses others in style and comfort. But due to the low ground clearance, the front bumper very often scrapes the ground in bad roads. So have to be careful while driving over potholes.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Sooraj S
Sooraj S 5.0 19 Feb 2020

this is my father's car so I also drive it my experience with this car is fantastic driving .we had gone for a long trip still it makes our face even more happy .The performance of the car is mindblowingly phenomenal it's suspension is apt for our Indian roads but it's stearing has no feel and feedback . it's automatic transmission is a 5 speed torque converter & it gives sudden response

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Bharat Patil
Bharat Patil 5.0 15 Jul 2020

गाडी घेऊन एक वर्ष पूर्ण झाले. पिक अप छान आहे. मायलेज १८/१९ कि.मी.प्रती लिटर एवढा आहे. फॅमिली टुर्ससाठी हि कार छान आहे. मध्यम कुटुंबासाठी हि कार छान आहे.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Binoy Lakra
Binoy Lakra 3.3 21 May 2020

Worst pickup and suspension feels like riding a bullock cart with AC or without it doesn't matter.If possible I want to change its suspension and make it like of Ford , Honda etc. Hyundai should make it more sporty so that it would be a driver's car for enjoyable ride. No issue with its fit & finish, interior,music system, pricing etc.I suggest new buyer to go for Ford/Honda.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Suman Roy
Suman Roy 5.0 6 Jul 2020

It is a good hatchback which has the basic requirements all in place such as seatbelt alert, all four power windows and good torque. Now that diesel price is almost equal with Petrol, I do not have any qualms on why I did not get a Diesel variety. The after sales experience was not upto the mark but that does not count towards the manufacturer :)

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute
Gets mileage of : 28 kmpl
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