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Jonathan Emmett
Jonathan Emmett 4.3 20 Sep 2019

Own 2014 Asta Petrol. Gives me 18kmpl in the city and on long highway drives goes upto 24kmpl. For a family of 3. A good comfortable car with enough space for luggage. Driving is easy in the city with the dimensions. Parking and turning in tight spaces is a breeze. Engine response is good enough and gives you the small boost needed for fast overtakes. Seems confident enough on the highways at fast speeds but I don"t push it more than the 100km mark. Hyundai"s design language is one of my favorites before Honda"s. And the Asta version is feature packed.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 22 kmpl
Dinesh Mishra
Dinesh Mishra 2.0 27 Sep 2019

i have owned a grand i10 magna crdi in april 2016 and engine wise it is very bad experience the injectors and turbo chagers are not working properly. i have not ever seen such a bad performance car. I advice to management to take action to resolve this problem. most of your customers like me are suffering it"s effects your compeny image also. please resolve the problem other wise i will never adice to anyone to purchase your products. i am shamed after purchasing this product and your company naglegence.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Thang Seldou
Thang Seldou 3.7 14 Oct 2019

First of all, it is a stylish hatchback that beats the hell out of Maruti Swift and others. Interior is tip top, materials used are superior to other cars in this price segment. Smooth and problem free driving, no major maintenance needed in 5 years. Mileage is not the best in its segment, but it is ok. Overall, it surpasses others in style and comfort. But due to the low ground clearance, the front bumper very often scrapes the ground in bad roads. So have to be careful while driving over potholes.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl kmpl
Sanjeev Shirodkar
Sanjeev Shir.. 3.0 13 Jan 2019

It gives me a mileage of 17 in 75% city and 25% semi highway condition and 21.5 kmpl in 90% Highway condition.The Car is very good as far as reliability is concerned. I was owning Santro Xing GLS since 2009 also earlier, the same trust continues in Grand i10 Sports which i bought in 2015 also. You Start the vehicle and go wherever is your destination, it will take you and bring you back without any breakdown. That is assured. Frequent minor breakdown is also not there in the Vehicle. But No Airbags. As for me Safety First of my Family.Accident Happens only Once and forever.So safety first.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 17 kmpl
Aman Yadav
Aman Yadav 4.0 20 Feb 2019

I am having the 2016 sportz crdi variant of this. Its overall a nice package. For short highway trips with 4 people in the car. For the daily commute its the best one as it has the LIGHTEST steering wheel among all the cars i"ve driven making it easy for me when i have to reach office in the busy city like noida. Also ive taken this through highways many times, most of the time it was allahabad which is around 700kms from my home its not good to drive over 100 as steering is too light, but its not that problematic. Also it returns a nice milage of 21 kmpl on highways and 17kmpl in city.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 27 kmpl
Subhasish Bala
Subhasish Bala 4.3 14 Jan 2019

Done about 11k kms in just more than an year, have taken it to 2500+kms road trip. Fully satisfied with the car. Does come with cooled glovebox which is a boon for road trips which the swift or other maruti and ford misses on. Apt power on Highway for overtaking but a slight less for dominating overtakes. Overall great experience. Miss the lack of centre armrest and an auto dimming electrochromic irvm and the wheels are a tad too small. Also 5th gearing should be kept longer. 100kmph at 2900rpm almost

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Hormazd Irani
Hormazd Irani 4.3 18 Jan 2019

Since I love the mountains, I wanted a car which could pull comfortably and hence I opted for the diesel version also known as CRDI (common rail diesel injection). I have since been using this car for family outings mostly out of town. This is where you can see that the diesel shines. It feels effortless to drive and returns excellent mileage. I could not have asked for more. It is well built and is a reliable performer. It takes up less space when parking and hence is good for use in city too.

Uses this car for : Tours
Gets mileage of : 23 kmpl
Worldnews Writer
Worldnews Wr.. 3.3 17 Nov 2019

यह एक शानदार कार है। मैंने ऑस्ट्रेलिया प्रवास के दौरान कई बार वाहन चलाया। शानदार वाहन चलाने के लिए।

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl kmpl
Krishankant Sharma
Krishankant .. 3.3 30 Oct 2019

all is good like features, looks, interior. but main part is performance, so lack in pickup during overtake but if we talk about mileage then its overall good. if you maintain your economy speed in city than you got 15-17 kmpl or in highway 17-20 kmpl..

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 17 kmpl
Kabiul Islam
Kabiul Islam 1.3 28 May 2019

I brought this grand i10 car on 29.03.19. from dealer Rudra Hyundai Bankura. I paid all my money through bank loan. they promised for permanent registration in few days. it"s 28.05.19 . still they are giving excuse .so the net result my car in the garage , I am not able to use my car , but I am paying my interest. pathetic . contracted with Hyundai India. they not doing anything. I don"t know what should I do now. NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HYUNDAI.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 10 kmpl
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