Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire: Diesel Comparison Review

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  • April 22, 2014 22:10 IST
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It's time to find out how the newest entrant in the compact sedan class compares with established competition. It's time for the new Hyundai Xcent to take on the Honda Amaze and the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire


Honda Amaze, Swift Dzire and Xcent in action



The compact sedan makes a very good case for itself. It is under 4-metre in length making it easy to park and convenient to live with in the city. And because it competes with hatchbacks, it is also efficient and priced very well, particularly for a sedan. Of course, the excise duty sop helps with the pricing. 


The best option in this class for the longest time was the Dzire. And, for good reason. It looked modern, it had a nice interior, it wasn't short on equipment, and being a Maruti, it had a huge service network backing it. No wonder, it sold extremely well; it still does in fact. The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is the best selling sedan in the country currently.


Then came the Honda Amaze, and it offered more space, a bigger, more powerful and more fuel efficient engine, and of course, higher snob value with that Honda badge on its nose. It too found a good fan following, but naturally with a smaller network, it hasn't been able to sell in as high numbers as the Dzire.



Hyundai Xcent, Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze rear



Now, we have a third entrant. It is backed by a huge service network like the Dzire. It's spacious, and though it doesn't have a large and powerful engine, it is efficient. And surprisingly, it’s quite driveable too. Its biggest selling point however, is the feature list it comes with as standard. It is the new Hyundai Xcent, the Korean firm's first attempt at a sub 4-metre sedan. And going by what we have seen so far, it is a very good attempt.


But, is it good enough to beat the Dzire and the Amaze? To find out we have with us top of the line diesel versions of the three cars - The Hyundai Xcent SX Crdi, the Honda Amaze VX iDtec and the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Zdi.


Well, if design is a big consideration for you, the Xcent makes sense; at least in parts. It looks exactly like the Grand i10 hatchback it is based on from the front giving it a modern yet elegant aura. Even from the side, the boot gels well with the overall proportions of the car and there’s nothing odd-ball about its design. The rear though, isn’t as impressive; we found the tail lamps to be a bit undefined. 





Hyundai Xcent, Dzire, Amaze interiors



Inside, the Hyundai Xcent resembles the Grand i10 all the way, with the only difference being the addition of the climate control system instead of a manual HVAC unit the latter comes with. But, that's not a bad thing, because it is a nice looking, well executed and thoughtfully designed interior. Most things are where you expect them to be. It has convenient stowage areas, usable cup and bottle holders, front and back, class leading build quality, and the look and feel of plastic all round, again is quite upmarket for its class.


The seats are comfy, the driving position feels right and the visibility isn't a problem even in chock-a-block traffic. Equipment wise, there is a multi-functional steering wheel and climate control on the convenience end and two airbags and ABS brakes on the safety side. What it also has is a reversing camera, a cooled glovebox and Bluetooth telephony which are all missing on the Amaze and the Dzire both. The Xcent is also the only compact sedan to offer rear AC vents; a boon really in the sort of heat we are experiencing these days.


The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, which is more expensive than the Xcent gets less equipment. It is also not half as nice looking as the Hyundai; its long hood and stubby boot being the culprits here. But, the Dzire does manage to score over the Amaze in terms of equipment. It gets a digital climate control system which the Honda doesn't. But this apart, the two are equally matched. The Maruti, however, has a better executed interior. It might not feel as plush as the Xcent's, but it certainly looks better than the Amaze. Where the plastics on the Amaze - take the ones around the AC vents or the door armrest - look hard wearing and low key, the Dzire with its faux wood inserts, the textured plastic and the better fit overall, comes across as the more expensive car. But, of course, you pay less for it.



Xcent, Dzire and Amaze space



But, once seated, the Amaze immediately comes across as the better designed car; more in terms of engineering than outright looks (though the Amaze does look much better than the Dzire on the outside). The space utilisation is way better on the Honda; the seats are more thoughtfully designed; and unlike the Dzire wherein the rear passengers might feel hemmed in, the Amaze has this sense of airiness to its cabin, which even the Xcent can't match. In fact, the Honda Amaze is the most spacious car in this test. And even though, it has a minutely smaller boot than the Xcent, in terms of usability, it is very much at par.


Not just that, the Honda Amaze has the biggest, most powerful diesel engine in this test too. Surprisingly, it is also the most fuel efficient. The 1.5-litre, four cylinder, all aluminium engine makes 100PS of max power which helps it accelerate to 100kmph from a standstill in under 13 seconds. Honda has however limited the top speed of the Amaze to just 145kmph. In terms of driving, the Amaze has the sharpest, best judged throttle response, the least amount of turbo lag and the gear shift quality though a tad notchy, is precise. The clutch pedal action is light and progressive too. The biggest downside to the Amaze's engine is the noise and vibration. It's the loudest in this test and borders on being harsh.


The Xcent has the smallest engine in this class - a 1.1-litre, three cylinder diesel. Not surprisingly, it is also the least powerful and with it, the slowest off the line in the real world. It's not an engine that likes to be hurried into things, and if you try, it involves too much shifting of gears. This, by the way, isn’t such a problem because the Xcent has a light and progressive clutch and effortless gear shift quality. The Xcent might have the smallest engine, but it also has the quietest cabin. And the engine noise, unlike the Amaze, never really gets to you. Moreover, the Xcent has a higher top speed, and even when driven in three digit figures, the wind, road and engine noise is the least in the Hyundai which actually disguises the sense of speed better than the other two cars. 



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