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Husqvarna Vitpilen 250
Husqvarna Vitpilen 250
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  • A Beauty That Performs

    Six months into owning a Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 and I am mostly in love. This bike is a head turner with its unique cafe racer styling and sleek bodywork. Riding it is a thrill, thanks to the punchy 248 cc engine that churns out 30 horsepower, making highway rides exhilarating. The handling is sharp and the bike feels agile, perfect for urban environments. The riding posture is aggressive which while great on short sprints can become uncomfortable on longer commutes. Plus, the bike’s stiff suspension does not do favors on rough surfaces.

  • built for your satisfaction

    My Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is a cafe racer styled bike known for its stylish looks, decent performance, and lightweight handling, making it suitable for urban environments and enthusiastic riders. It comes equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, providing good stopping power but lacks in ABS which is not liked by my father. It might vary depending on the market, but it generally doesn't include extras like Bluetooth connectivity or a USB charging port. However, if you want comfort for long rides, under-seat storage space you have to search for other option .

  • Fantastic handling and stability

    The weight of this bike is light and taking U turn is very easy and the handling of this bike is fantastic. HUSQVARNA VITPILEN 250 control with full confidence and gives enjoy to ride this bike and the suspension setup is soft in the initial end and after that it is stiffer side that gives uncomfortable on the bumpy roads. The stability of this bike is amazing and also on the high speed the stability is really nice and it comes with dual channel ABS and dual disc but price is high and the mileage is only 25 to 30 kmpl.

  • The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 has been quite the head

    The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 has been quite the head turner since I took it home. Its unique cafe racer styling is underscored by impressive performance specs, featuring a 248.76 cc engine that outputs 30 hp and 24 Nm of torque. Its handling is sharp and the bike feels incredibly agile, making it a thrill on winding roads. The lightweight and low stance aid in its sporty dynamics and the overall build quality feels premium.The riding position is aggressive which while great for short sprints becomes uncomfortable on longer rides.

  • Scandinavian Elegance and Dynamic Performance

    The HUSQVARNA VITPILEN 250 is a beauty and must have adapted to riders' tastes across Scandinavia and the world, offering riders interested in unique riding experiences the precision and performance they want. The specialness of the car is celebrated by customers, with its spacious interior, powerful engine and mini power, and modern design being among their favourite features. Further upgrades such as LED lighting, ABS, and a slipper clutch impart a sheen on its attractiveness. # On the other hand, they also indicate a number of issues such as short seat comfort for long rides, and also adding to the efficiency in fuel use for longer journeys

  • 4.2
    Introducing the Husqvarna

    Husqvarna vitpilen 250 – a motorcycle that's not just a mode of transport, But a piece of art on wheels.It's like someone fused modern style with the classic charm of a café racer.Picture this: you're about to hop on, And instantly, You're met with a feeling that you're about to experience something different, Something special.Once you're on the saddle, You'll notice something cool.The way you sit, The broad handlebars that are there to greet your hands, And the sleek, Minimalist design – they all team up to make your ride engaging and nimble.Be it the crowded city streets or those curvy backroads, The vitpilen 250 handles them with flair, Giving you responsive control.Maneuvering through traffic feels effortless thanks to its compact size, And the seat, Oh, It's designed for comfort, Ensuring those longer rides don't lead to discomfort.Talking engines, This baby packs a punch.It's got a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 248.8cc – and boy, Does it know how to deliver power and torque just when you need it.Whether you're cruising through the city or hitting those open roads with gusto, The engine's smooth delivery has got you covered.It's not the fastest horse in the race, But it sure knows how to dance to the right tune.When you twist the throttle, The vitpilen 250 responds eagerly, Offering a decent pickup that lets you weave through traffic with ease.The lightweight frame and the way the throttle responds create an acceleration experience that's pure joy.Although, If you're all about "go fast or go home, " you might find the bike a bit on the conservative side in this department.Now let's chat about something every rider cares about – mileage.The vitpilen 250 proudly flaunts impressive fuel efficiency.This means you won't be breaking the bank at the pump, Whether you're counting pennies or aiming to explore without constantly stopping for fuel.On good days, You can expect mileage of 28 - 30 kmpl that play nicely with what you'd expect from bikes in its class.So, It's not just a smooth ride; it's a budget-friendly one too.Quality is the name of the game for husqvarna.They've put a lot of heart into making sure the vitpilen 250 is more than just a motorcycle; it's a work of art.From the sleek trellis frame to the little details that catch your eye, It's a testament to craftsmanship.And trust us, When you lay eyes on it, You'll know exactly what we mean.Let's talk practicality.Maintenance – it's a concern for all of us.But fret not, Because the vitpilen 250 holds its own.When it comes to service costs, It's right there in the same ballpark as its buddies.Regular upkeep won't break the bank, But you can expect somewhere around ₹2000 to ₹3000 for a full service and husqvarna's network of service centers ensures you won't be left hanging when you need assistance.In a nutshell, The husqvarna vitpilen 250 is a breath of fresh air in the entry-level motorcycle scene.With its distinctive style, Nimble handling, And cozy riding position, It's a siren call for those who crave an exciting ride with looks to match.While it might not be a speed demon, It knows how to deliver a balanced blend of function and flair.Whether you're a newbie dipping your toes into the motorcycling universe or a seasoned rider in need of a daily partner, The vitpilen 250 is a contender that deserves a spot on your list.

  • 5.0
    Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is

    Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is a cafe racer bike available at a starting price of rs.2, 10, 389 in India. It is available in only 1 variant and 1 colour. The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is powered by a 248.76cc bs6 engine which develops a power of 29.63 bhp and a torque of 24 nm. With both front and rear disc brakes, Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 comes up with an anti-locking braking system. This Vitpilen 250 bike weighs 166 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 litres. The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is a quarter-litre, Cafe racer-styled motorcycle which shares its underpinnings and engine with the Ktm 250 duke. The motorcycle will be sold in India through Ktm dealerships and production is being carried out at bajaj’s facility in Chakan. Husqvarna’s line-up comprises Svartpilen and Vitpilen models, Of which the former is a scrambler and the latter carries a café racer styling. The 250cc models bearing these names have been developed majorly for the Indian market. Notably, They borrow their styling from the Svartpilen 401 and the Vitpilen 401 which are currently available in the international markets. The Vitpilen is an amalgamation of a retro café racer and a modern street bike in terms of design. It sports a round headlamp which is a full-led unit. Sitting on top of it is a single-pod digital instrument cluster which shows ample information. The angular fuel tank stretches up to under the rider’s seat and blends with a high-set, Stubbly tail section integrating a compact led tail lamp. What distinguishes it from its scrambler version is the clip-on handlebar and absence of metal cladding on the fuel tank. Coming to the hardware, Most of the components such as engine, Frame, Suspension and brakes are the same as the 250 dukes. Its 248.76cc, Single-cylinder, Liquid-cooled engine clings onto a steel trellis frame. Damping duties are handled by upside-down forks and a mono-shock, Both sourced from wp. Dropping anchors are a 320mm disc up front and a 230mm disc at the rear, Both accompanied by callipers. Dual-channel abs come as a standard fitment. In India, The Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 goes up against its own cousin, The Ktm 250 duke, Along with other quarter-litre offerings including the Suzuki Gixxer 250 and the Yamaha fz25.

  • perfect for all

    HUSQVARNA VITPILEN 250: The key element of the meaning of this life is to be truly absorbed in the nature of riding. The VITPILEN 250 by HUSQVARNA is the essence of simple design with the prodigious power of an unprecedented riding experience. This is what the VITPILEN generates. It's streamlined and modern look just reflect elegance; but its engine never cease to measure up during speeds on highways. The nimble chassis, and the agile handling that comes with light weight, give the VITPILEN 250 its sporty nature be it on the city routes or the twisty roads. This motorcycle is not only equipped with modern features, technical perfection and the aesthetics enhance the excitement and involvement of adventure and style for each amateur. The HUSQVARNA VITPILEN 250 will open you up to the very essence of riding, and its simplicity will help reveal the real meaning of freedom among all two-wheeled vehicle riders.

  • Scandinavian Style Meets Dynamic Performance:

    The very heart of Scandinavian design is the new version of the Vitpilen 250, which represents the unity of this philosophy with outstanding performance and at the same time, it creates the idea of the blend of style and dynamic performance for riders. A trademark of this car is the minimalist yet impressive architecture which is the source of contemporary style, with the surfaced clean lines, sleek bodywork and most premium of finishings. The compact scooter, powered by a fuel efficient 250cc motor, gives a respectable performance with precise handling suitable for city commuting, while also being sprightly and fun to meander through the twisty roads. The Vitpilen 250's riding position that it provides (i.e., upright), the controls that are comfortable to the riders, and the light chassis, which promotes confidence to the riders of all skill levels.

  • 4.6
    Highway rides

    Hello enthusiasts, I own a vitpilen 250 and i'm 6'2 in height and i'm writing this review in accordance to my height and my regular pillion which will be my friend who is 6'0 and lean body.For me the handling is top notch, You can zip through like an arrow.Highway rides are comfortable for me till 450 - 500kms with pillion (after which pillion may have sore bum) and around 600 kms for single rider.During initial stages i.E, Before 1st service the bike returned around 38-40kms in mileage when driven in proper manner.And conclusion is, If you are bit lean and tall this bike works like a charm to you, Or if you are well versed in riding, Else, You may find it difficult to manage in city and for this situation pls check out the other arrow, Svart.Thank you.Have a great day.

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