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  • something magnificient and beautiful

    The Ampere Magnus EX is an electric scooter designed for everyday riding . It offers a claimed riding range of 80 kilometers on a single charge. Talking about the featues it has a simple and practical design with a comfortable seat and spacious legroom which provides comfort to my family . It provides a balance between handling and comfort for everyday riding. While buying it check the charging stations near you as India lacks in the charging infrastructure.

  • Electric Convenience with Range Questions

    Since switching to electric, my Ampere Magnus EX has served me well for the last three months. The best feature is definitely the range of up to 121 km on a single charge (under ideal conditions), which is more than enough for my daily use.The Magnus EX offers a smooth ride thanks to its 1200 watt motor and has decent pick up for city riding. I also appreciate the added features like keyless entry and the anti theft alarm, which give it a modern edge over other scooters.

  • something magnificient and beautiful

    My Ampere Magnus EX is an electric scooter known for its balance of affordability and decent range in the Indian market. It comes with a 1200W electric motor that offers a claimed maximum speed of 50 km/h. Its charging time is rated at around 5-6 hours using a standard charger. The Magnus EX has a simple and functional design with a comfortable seat and spacious legroom for my family . However it does not provides advanced display, or faster charging.

  • Good performer electric scooter

    It is the most silent electric scooter and the seating position is highly comfortable of this scooter and the brakes is good but could be more better. The suspension is on the comfortable side and the ground clearance of this scooter is very good and the power delivery of this electric scooter is good but the fit and finish is not good. I am very happy with this scooter and the driving range is around 80 km if you drive decently and the company claimed range is 100 km.

  • Efficient Electric Mobility

    " The Ampere Magnus EX receives commendations on its smart electric mobility with bold aesthetics at its core. Customers find out that this mode of travel is noiseless, luxuriously smooth and has no emissions, so it is an environmentally-conscious alternative. In addition, others, clientele love them for their simplicity, such as ample storage, ease of use, and very little maintenance costs. Expressly in that regard, some users express a desire for a longer range per charge, while pointing out deficiencies in the charging infrastructure and calling for the improvement of the charge facilities for better convenience."

  • 2.2
    Bad Experience

    I feel compelled to write this review to share my harrowing experience with the Magnus EX electric bike from Ampere Vehicles. My intention is to help other prospective customers avoid the frustration and disappointment I've endured. If I could give a zero-star rating, I would. From the moment I purchased the Magnus EX, I was optimistic about the future of electric vehicles and keen to reduce my carbon footprint. Unfortunately, my experience has been nothing short of a nightmare, filled with ongoing issues, unreliability, and a complete lack of customer support. Unreliable Product: Within weeks of purchase, the front wheel of the bike jammed, rendering it immobile. This was just the beginning of a series of problems that have plagued my ownership. The bike's charging system failed multiple times, resulting in abrupt power loss while riding. Such instances are not only inconvenient but life-threatening when they occur unexpectedly on busy roads. The bike's performance has been consistently inconsistent, making each ride a gamble. Lack of Customer Service: My attempts to seek assistance from both Ampere Vehicles and their authorized dealer have been met with utter disregard. Emails, phone calls, and even a formal complaint were ignored. I was left to deal with these issues on my own, with no guidance or support from the company that sold me the bike. The lack of accountability and empathy from both the manufacturer and the dealer is astonishing. Safety at Risk: The pinnacle of my ordeal came when the bike abruptly stopped in the middle of a busy road, nearly causing a life-threatening accident. The bike's malfunction exposed me to danger, and the stress of wondering when it might fail again has made every ride a nerve-wracking experience. Conclusion: My ownership of the Magnus EX electric bike has been a lesson in frustration, disappointment, and regret. As a conscientious consumer, I urge you to think twice before investing your hard-earned money in a product that not only lacks reliability but also comes with a complete lack of accountability and customer support. I am left with no choice but to escalate my concerns to the appropriate authorities, including consumer protection agencies and social media platforms, in the hope that others can be spared the ordeal I've endured. Advice: Before considering any purchase from Ampere Vehicles, do thorough research, read reviews carefully, and consider the implications of investing in a product that falls short of its promises. There are better alternatives available from companies that stand by their products and value their customers. Update: As of writing this review, my issues remain unresolved, and the bike continues to sit unused in my garage due to its ongoing problems."

  • Best with all feature

    The agenda of the sustainable and financially viable urban transportation will bring a lot of challenges in the implementation of the eco-mobility. The Ampere Magnus EX brings not only revolution in the life of urbanites but also offers them an eco-friendly and efficient evolving mode of transportation for daily commuting. The Pulse electric vehicle simply brings the future to present times not only with its electric powertrain and the many other advanced features as it is said to provide a smooth gliding experience void of emissions and noise pollution. The Magnus EX is a sleekly designed and compactly sized scooter that is ideal for negotiating household roads alongside motor vehicles. At the same time, the scooter comes with a long-range battery to free you from the worry of low power. Whether catch my worm commute to work or running trivial errands around town, this electric scooter gives me an environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative for urban transportation.

  • 3.4
    Ampere magnus

    I have been using an ampere magnus since last 2 years now.Here are my observations after clocking almost 20k kilometers: 1.Range : you can get a practical range of about 80 kms on full charge (on high speed mode).The range goes upto 90 kms in low speed mode.2.Speed : the speedo shows the max speed @57-59 kmph.(the true top speed will be somewhere around 52 kmph).3.The odometer shows 1km for ever 750 metres travelled.4.The service cost has been zero rupees for the last 2 years, Which is commendable.5.The spares availability is okayish.Not too good as sometimes, You won't get some buttons and switches that easily.6.The front suspension is very weak in my opinion.You will feel every j**k on the road.Conclusion:it is a decent mobility option for within the city, But do not expect much performance from this.It will do whatever it claims (technically).But it is not too enjoyable.It just gets the job done.

  • 2.2
    I purchased the vehicle

    I purchased the vehicle on january 2022 after 2-3 months the vehicle started giving trouble.It stopped in the middle of the road suddenly and luckly i could manage to put the vehicle on side.The vehicle doesnt get on everything will be blank and you have to reset the mcb.I sent the video of the same to the dealer he said he couldn't find what the problem is.Then the second problem started mcb trips off without any reason when its parked at night or day no reason of overheating too suddenly without any reason you have to restart and move.When i complained to the dealer the dealer said to replace the mcb for which i paid and got it rectified but till time the problem is not rectified for what reason its happening they are not able to find out nor give solutions.I suggest don't take any risk of buying this magnus vehicle.

  • Practical Electric Commuting

    With the an Ampere Magnus EX, urban riders are provided with freedom and sustainability in an affordable way through efficient performance and dependability. It is an easy-to-use and highly efficient, offered with a smart design, good seating, and enough storage space, which consequently can be used for commuting and a whole lot of other activities. Basically, the Magnus EX is driven by a robust electric motor, and that supplies the most revolutionary, peaceful and noiseless performance to ensure that rider always experiences a pleasant, tensionless riding experience in the city. It has a great long battery life with efficient power management system. For this reason, commuters can have a smooth ride with no charge interruption, thus, free to travel without worry about frequently charging.

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