Yamaha Considering Electric Two-Wheelers For India

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  • Dec 19, 2017
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The Japanese auto giant is also assessing opportunities to invest in power units and batteries for electric vehicles

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Yamaha FZ25



With ever tightening emission norms, it’s no secret that automobile manufacturers across the world are investing heavily to develop an all-new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs). If recent reports are to be believed, Yamaha could be the latest auto major to throw its hat in the ring. According to a top company executive, Yamaha evaluating the possibility of launching electric two-wheelers in India. 


Yamaha FZ25



In a recent interview, Yasuo Ishihara, managing director of research and development, Yamaha Motors, said, "We are at present conducting a feasibility study in this area (electric two-wheelers). Yamaha has an edge in this segment as we already have such products in other countries. Transferring such products to India will not be so difficult."


Yamaha Fazer 25



The Japanese giant has embarked on a study to find out if EVs can completely replace motorcycles and scooters equipped with internal combustion engines. “We have already started our feasibility study in order to achieve the target set by the government of India,” said Ishihara. However, he believes that EVs cannot completely replace internal combustion engines in the current scenario. Hence, the company will continue to work on “highly efficient engines in order to cater to the demands on Indian customers,” Ishihara added.


Yamaha MT-09



When asked if the company plans on investing in the electric vehicle segment, Ishira said, "Investment shall mainly be for power units and batteries. Infrastructure development in collaboration with some partners may be another area where we would look forward to making our investments."


Yamaha MT-09



If things go according to plan, it would be interesting to see how Yamaha electric scooters and motorcycles perform in our country.