These Cars Are Ideal For Santa Claus To Use On Christmas

  • Dec 25, 2022
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No, it's not weird to imagine Santa delivering gifts driving around in a car

Santa Claus’ mode of transportation is not usually depicted as a car, but rather as a magical sleigh that can fly through the air. However, if Santa were to drive a car, he would likely choose a vehicle that is spacious, quick, and able to handle extreme weather conditions, given the depth of the task on his hands – travelling all around the world, and delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.

 So we’ve sorted out the perfect cars for Santa as per different conditions he may find himself in:

Densely populated area 

Santa wouldn't want to be stuck in traffic when he’s in a race against time to deliver presents around the world. He needs something compact yet quick, something that can zip-zap its way through a populated area and the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S is just that. It’ll offer Santa a quick ride while making sure he’s having a time of his life behind the wheel

Extreme terrain or weather conditions

The Defender is the perfect embodiment of a go-anywhere, rugged off-roading SUV and in its 5-seater 130 body style, its boot space opens up to 2,516 litres, meaning Santa can carry an unreasonable amount of gifts without dropping a sweat about the extreme weather or intense terrain that he may encounter. Know the deets of the smaller Defender 110 here in our detailed article

A quiet sleepy neighbourhood

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A quiet neighbourhood that calls it a day early and pouts at the hint of any disturbance calls for an EV. And what better way to do it than in a quick quirky looking electric vehicle with a more than decent stowage area. The Kia EV6 does it all while exuding just a faint hum from its motors. Plus, its unique feature can power and light up a Christmas tree, the details of which can be found in our review.

Deadline creeping closer

Oh no! It's almost midnight, but Santa still has a lot of ground to cover. Looks like he can’t afford multiple trips and needs something spacious yet blistering quick. In comes a super SUV packing 653PS and 800Nm of oomph and a big trunk – the BMW XM is the perfect match. The SUV has just been launched in India; you can know more about it here.

We believe these cars will offer the best tools for Santa to spread the joy and happiness that has been a long-standing tradition. Yeah sure, Santa might want to stick to his reindeers, but in the rare case that he wants an alternative mode of transport, we’ve laid down the options for him. Merry Christmas!

Image Source: Philip FONG / AFP

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