Now Pay More For Hero Motorcycles And Scooters

Prices have been hiked by up to Rs 2,050

  • The Pleasure Plus has received the highest price hike among Hero scooters.
  • The Xtreme 160R has received the highest price hike among the motorcycles.
  • The price of the Hero scooter range has also been increased.
Hero Price Hike

Hero MotoCorp has increased the prices of its entire range by Rs 460 to Rs 2,050. Hero’s 110cc motorcycle range sees a lower price hike while the 125cc and 200cc motorcycles receive a higher increment. This is the first price increase for the Hero Xtreme 160R since its launch in June this year. Here are the updated prices:

Hero Models Latest Price Previous Price Premium
Xtreme 160R Drum: Rs 1,02,000
Disc: Rs 1,05,050
Drum: Rs 99,950
Disc: Rs 1,03,500
Rs 2,050
Rs 1,550
XPulse 200 Rs 113,730 Rs 1,11,790 Rs 1,940
Glamour Drum: Rs 71,000
Disc: Rs 74,500
Drum: Rs 69,750
Disc: Rs 73,250
Rs 1,250
Splendor iSmart Drum: Rs 65,950
Disc: Rs 68,150
Drum: Rs 65,700
Disc: Rs 67,900
Rs 250
Passion Pro Drum: Rs 66,500
Disc: 68,700
Drum: Rs 65,740
Disc: 67,940
Rs 760
Splendor Plus Drum, kick start: Rs 60,960
Drum, self start: Rs 63,260
Disc, i3S: 64,470
Drum kick start: Rs 60,500
Drum self start: Rs 62,800
Disc i3S: 64,010
Rs 460
HF Deluxe Drum, kick start/spoke wheel: Rs 48,950
Drum, kick start: Rs 49,950
Drum, self start: Rs 58,475
Drum, self start: Rs 58,600
Drum, self start i3s: Rs 59,800
Drum kick start/spoke wheel: Rs 48,000
Drum kick start: Rs 49,000
Drum self start: Rs 57,175
Drum self start: Rs 57,300
Drum self start: Rs 58,500
Rs 950
Rs 950
Rs 1,300
Rs 1,300
Rs 1,300
Super Splendor Drum, self start: Rs 69,450
Disc, self start: Rs 72,950
Drum self start: Rs 68,150
Disc self start: Rs 71,650
Rs 1,300
Destini 125 Drum brake: Rs 66,310
Disc brake: Rs 69,700
Drum brake: Rs 65,810
Disc brake: Rs 68,600
Rs 500
Rs 1,100
Maestro Edge 110 Drum brake, alloy wheel: Rs 61,450
Alloy wheel: Rs 62,950
Drum brake, alloy wheel: Rs 60,950
Alloy wheel: Rs 62,450
Rs 500
Pleasure Plus Drum brake, sheet metal wheel: Rs 56,800
Drum brake, alloy wheel: Rs 58,950
Drum brake, sheet metal wheel: Rs 55,600
Drum brake, alloy wheel: Rs 57,600
Rs 1,200
Rs 1,350

Interestingly, the entry-level Pleasure Plus has received the highest price increase among Hero scooters. There is a considerable difference between the price hike of the lower and higher variants of the Destini 125

Hero Price Hike

The new price increase isn't as significant as that of other motorcycle brands. This allows Hero to continue offering motorcycles and scooters with good features and performance at a lower price than the competition, which happens to be its USP. 

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