Get Your Pitchforks Out, Ferrari’s SUV Is Coming

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  • October 12, 2017
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Sergio Marchionne is "dead serious" about developing an "FUV" for Ferrari

Ferrari is  known for  exotic sports cars

Remember Sergio Marchionne? He is the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and also the man who once said Ferrari will never ever consider making an SUV. But he seems to have had a change of heart recently by confirming speculation of the Prancing Horse’s plans on venturing into the Sports Utility Vehicle segment. However, just like the upcoming Lamborghini Urus, one can’t expect Ferrari to come out with an off-road vehicle, the best one can hope for is a sports car with an SUV body; that will come with the luxury Ferrari is best known for.

Marchionne, however, has maintained that Ferrari will still focus on maintaining its exclusivity factor and that the SUV will be made in very limited numbers to reflect that. “We need to learn how to master this whole new relationship between exclusivity and scarcity of product, then we’re going to balance this desire to grow with a widening of the product portfolio,” he said.

Sergio Marchionne heads FCA

This is a bold move for the exotic brand that has so far held out the pressure of the market to the point that it doesn’t even make a four-door car yet. Although Ferrari has been churning out profits year after year, they seem to have taken a leaf out of their competitors' book. Manufacturers like Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley, and even Maserati have SUVs in their portfolio that have helped them grow at a faster pace than ever before. And then there's Lamborghini prepping up its Urus as well.

Lamborgini Urus

According to Marchionne, it will take Ferrari at least 30 months to decide on whether to produce an SUV or not. That's still a rather long wait and we are eager to find out how it will eventually look. Will it be as hot and macho as the Urus or sophisticated and luxurious as the Maserati Levante? There are questions galore. If the plans reach fruition, we won’t just be looking at a historical addition to the Ferrari family, but possibly, the birth of a new Ferrari breed.

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