Bajaj Commuters Just Got Even More Expensive

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  • Jun 10, 2020
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The maximum price hike is around Rs 2,350

  • This is the second price hike in just two months.
  • The BS6 CT100 is now nearly Rs 9,400 more expensive than its BS4 predecessor.
  • Both the CT and Platina range feature an e-carb instead of fuel-injection.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a worldwide lockdown, pushing global economies into a downward spiral. In other words, recession. In the past couple of weeks, the Indian government has started lifting certain restrictions, allowing two-wheeler manufacturers to gradually restart operations. However, since then we've witnessed numerous price hikes across the two-wheeler segment. And the surge in prices seems to continue with Bajaj slapping a premium of up to Rs 2,350 on the CT100, CT110 KS Alloy, Platina 100 KS Alloy and the Platina 110 H-Gear. Here’s what the new prices look like:


Old Price

New Price



Rs 41,293 - Rs 48,973

Rs 42,790 - Rs 50,470

Rs 1,497

CT110 KS Alloy

Rs 46,912

Rs 48,410

Rs 1,498

Platina 100 KS Alloy

Rs 47,763

Rs 49,261

Rs 1,498

Platina 110 H-Gear

Rs 60,550

Rs 62,899

Rs 2,349

The inflation in costs has made the CT100 nearly Rs 9,400 more expensive than its BS4 predecessor. The cost of the bike pricks, even more, when you take into account that Bajaj’s entry-level commuter lineup features an e-carb, which is less expensive than fuel-injection seen on almost all other commuters in India. Take the Hero HF Deluxe for example, which features fuel-injection and is only Rs 8,000 more expensive than the outgoing BS4 model.

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