New Volkswagen Monsoon Campaign Launched With Free Inspection And After-sales Plans

You can get roadside assistance for up to five years for any VW car under 10 years old

  • One-year maintenance plan available for used VW cars bought through Das Welt Auto.

  • Special prices for extended warranty and other schemes. 

  • Special service package available for Polo owners. 

  • Free 40-point vehicle inspection across all service workshops. 

  • Offers are valid upto July 31. 

Volkswagen has launched the Monsoon Campaign programme with free vehicle checkups and special offers on after sales packages. The complimentary 40-point inspection is available across all VW dealerships to diagnose any problems that should be dealt with during the rainy season for all its cars. 

Under the Monsoon Campaign, the carmaker is offering special prices for extended warranty, service packages and other value-added services. Earlier, you could get roadside assistance for up to two years beyond the standard warranty package. Now, schemes for three to five years are on offer, too. 

Special offers for VW Polo customers

The Volkswagen Polo was discontinued earlier this year, but its owners can avail special offers on service and body and paint packages. The Essential 2 service package gets you two years of maintenance services with two free pickups and drop-offs, two free car washes and an insurance renewal benefit of Rs 1,000. Without Monsoon Campaign offers, it costs between Rs 15,500 and Rs 24,000 depending on the variant of your Polo. 

The body and paint package covers half the cost of fixing dents and painting up to three body panels. It’s valid for one or two years depending on the plan. 

Free Maintenance plan for pre-owned VW buyers

All through this month, pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle buyers, who picked their cars through Das Welt Auto, VW’s used car division, will get complementary one year’s maintenance cover with the ‘One year maintenance service value pack’. It includes one free pickup and drop-off for the car, a free car wash, insurance benefit of Rs 1,000, and half-price wheel alignment and balancing. 

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The Brand Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, Ashish Gupta, said, “The onset of the monsoon season brings its own challenges of tough driving conditions both for the driver and the vehicle itself. To ensure a hassle free, smooth and safe driving journey, we, at Volkswagen India have introduced the ‘Monsoon Campaign’.”

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