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  • Mar 25, 2024
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Colour options for a few cars might be variant dependent

As we celebrate Holi, the festival of colors, India, known for its vibrancy, showcases a diverse demography with a penchant for unique and eye-catching car colors. In this article, we explore several brands that offer their vehicles in a plethora of captivating and distinctive shades, carefully selected from the vast possibility of color palettes. From bold and vibrant hues to subtle and sophisticated tones, these brands cater to the varied tastes and preferences of Indian consumers, allowing them to express their individuality and style through their choice of car color.

Hyundai Creta

Photo of Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta boasts a vibrant palette with captivating color options to suit every preference and style. Atlas White, Ranger Khakhi, Fiery Red, Abyss Black, Emerald Pearl and Titan Gray. Ranger Khakhi is the new addition in the Creta’s colour pallete. Additionally, The Creta N Line’s Thunder Blue and Shadow Grey are specific to the N Line variant and look sporty with the red inserts 

Kia Seltos

Photo of Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos offers an extensive spectrum of eleven captivating colors. Pewter Olive, Clear White, Sparkling Silver, Gravity Gray, Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pearl, Intense Red and Imperial Blue. The combinations of Intense Red with Aurora Black Pearl and Glacier White with Aurora Black Pearl offer a good dual tone option. The Matte Graphite provides an edgy and sportier option for the GT Line variant. 

Kia Sonet 

Photo of Kia Sonet

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The Kia Sonet presents a captivating array of ten distinct colors. Glacier White Pearl, Sparkling Silver, Pewter Olive, Intense Red, Aurora Black Pearl, Matte Graphite, Gravity Gray and Imperial Blue. Pewter Olive gives a very earthy look, while the Intense Red adds sportiness to its looks. There are dual tone options like the Glacier White Pearl with Aurora Black Pearl and Intense Red with Aurora Black Pearl. Lastly, the Gravity Gray option offers a subtle option in this iridescent colour palette.. 

Tata Nexon

Photo of Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon is offered with the following colour options: Calgary White, Pristine White, Daytona Grey, Flame Red, Pure Grey, Creative Ocean, Fearless Purple and Altas Black. The Flame Red gives the SUV a sporty vibe while the purple definitely stands out and is unique in its segment. The Dark Edition with the all-black looks dope and adds to the stealth factor. 

Tata Harrier

Photo of Tata Harrier

The Tata Harrier presents a stunning selection of seven vibrant colors. Pebble Gray, Lunar White, Seaweed Green, Sunlit Yellow, Ash Gray and Coral Red. Seaweed Green and Sunlit Yellow are two new colours which bring a bold and energetic flair to the SUV and the latter is truly eye-catching in the real world. Lastly, Oberon Black exudes a sense of stealth, especially in the Dark edition. 

Tata Safari

Photo of Tata Safari

The Tata Safari, just like the Harrier, boasts an impressive array of seven colors. Cosmic Gold, Galactic Sapphire, Supernova Copper, Lunar Slate, Stellar Frost, Ash Gray and Oberon Black. In our opinion the Supernova Copper and Lunar Slate offer a unique appeal while Stellar Frost and Oberon Black can be opted if you’re looking for darker shades. That being said, the Cosmic Gold is unlike any other colour on any other car in the market right now.

Volkswagen Virtus

Photo of Volkswagen Virtus

The Volkswagen Virtus offers a captivating spectrum of eight distinct colors. Lava Blue, Rising Blue Metallic, Curcuma Yellow, Carbon Steel Grey, Deep Black Pearl, Reflex Silver, Candy White and Wild Cherry Red. Wild Cherry Red is the one which stands out the most and makes the Virtus look sportier accentuating its clean lines

Mahindra Scorpio N

Photo of Mahindra Scorpio N

The Mahindra Scorpio N presents a captivating palette of five distinct colors. Everest White, Dazzling Silver, Red Rage, Deep Forest and Napoli Black. Red Rage is a sporty red colour which pops out the most while Deep Forest and Napoli Black exudes a timeless SUV stance. Ofcourse, the Everest White will always be the OG Scorpio shade.

MG Comet

Photo of MG Comet EV

The MG Comet EV offers a captivating range of five distinct colors. Starry Black, Aurora Silver, Apple Green, Candy White and Starry Black. The Dual Tone Apple Green and Candy White create a striking contrast that stands out on the road and the former is so quirky in fact that it makes heads turn (literally).

Hyundai Exter

Photo of Hyundai Exter

Hyundai Exter is available in 9 different colours - Fiery Red, Khaki Dual Tone, Starry Night, Cosmic Dual Tone, Atlas White, Ranger Khaki, Titan Grey, Cosmic Blue and Atlas White. Cosmic Blue and Ranger Khakhi Dual Tone offers a modern twist with its combination of contrasting colors. 

With the festive season around the corner, every automaker is eager to sell their cars like hot cakes. Let's see what customers are looking for when choosing the right shade for their car. Also which colour will you choose for the cars mentioned above?

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