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Apollo Tyres: A Tyre For Every Journey, Now With Attractive Offers

Apollo has come up with limited-time offers on a range of its products wherein customers can exchange old tyres with brand new pairs at attractive discounts and benefits.


From driving through bad roads to trudging through rough terrain and from crawling in the mud to navigating inch-high snow, tyres are the real warriors.  They do their bit to keep things comfortable and safe for the occupants of the vehicle. Apollo, the leading tyre manufacturer in India, has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to tyre technology. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which produces world-class tyres for a range of automobiles - cars, SUVs, motorcycles, scooters, and commuter bikes among others. 

Apollo is doing its bit to make the roads a safer place by encouraging customers to exchange their old, worn tyres for a brand-new pair of wheels. For a limited time, Apollo has come up with attractive discount offers for consumers. These offers are for a limited period of time and at amazingly low prices.

Here’re the details of products on which Apollo is offering never-before discounts:

  • Superior driving comfort - Alnac 4G (Cars): Specifically designed to offer superior handling and braking capabilities to cars, Alnac 4G offers impeccable precision to drivers even in the event of hard braking and sudden, unanticipated manoeuvres. The pairs are available in 20 different sizes and impart your vehicle with amazing cornering ability and control which is very useful in city driving and highway runs. 

  • Road less travelled - Apterra Cross (SUV): A comprehensive research for over two years finally resulted in the launch of Apterra Cross tyres which have been specifically designed to help SUVs realise their full potential. Engineers at Apollo thoroughly researched each and every aspect of the SUVs’ needs and then designed the Apterra Cross, a perfect combination of style and comfort. While in the city, these tyres offer you the most comfortable and quiet ride, out on the highways, you’ll get the outstanding grip and durability for an amazing highway drive. In addition, these tyres are a perfect companion for both soft roading and daily commutes. 

  • Car/SUV

Tyre Exchange

Rim Size
355mm - 381mm
(14 inch / 15 inch)

Rim Size
406 mm (16 inch)

Rim Size
432 mm (17 inch)
& Above

Alnac 4G/Apterra Cross












*Discount per a set of four tyres

  • Alpha S1 : Ask any riding enthusiast of their favourite tyres and the answer would invariably be Alpha S1. And it’s not for nothing that these tyres have carved such an impeccable name in the motorcycle enthusiast community. The Alpha S1 has a number of advantages including the directional tread patterns, continuous centre groove, anchored and safety curvy groove, and stress-free casing structures among others. Further, these tyres offer exceptional grip and enhance traction during the cornering. Moreover, Alpha S1 is rated highly by riders on their structural stability and efficient water evacuation abilities, a fact that is very significant in the wet monsoon season of India. 

  • Alpha H1: If you’re looking to extract excellent high-speed stability with minimum structural deformation then Alpha H1 is the choice you should go for. These tyres are made up of a blend of carbon black and silica and offer exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Offering agility to the rider, these tyres can help to quickly correct the lean angle while cornering and offer extra stability at highway speeds. 



Alpha H1


Alpha S1


ActiGrip R6/F6


  • For Scooter – ActiGrip R6/F6: Riding a scooter in a city is a tricky task. You have to be constantly vigilant about the untoward situations that might come your way - sudden braking, potholes, wet roads, or speedbreaker. In such situations, the V-shaped tread patterns on ActiGrip tyres offer excellent grip to riders and superior cornering ability. Further, the ride comfort with these tyres is exceptional and their operations on the road are very much silent, thereby adding to the overall riding comfort. The composure and nimbleness of the tyres are really in their own league and sure to take the riding comfort to an altogether different level. 


Apollo tyres offers a pan-India dealership network of 5000 outlets out of which 2500 are exclusive stores of the company. Such a wide coverage means that you will get all the products/services from Apollo in every part of the country. The exchange offer starts from May 9, 2022 (from 10:00 am) and will be in effect till the stock lasts. So, hurry up, go ahead, and exchange old tyres with brand new Apollo pairs at attractive discount rates. 


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