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  • Bhavani Shankar
    Bhavani Shankar

    The updated new avenger 2018 street is a very comfortable and enjoyable bike to ride in city or Highway. The bike is totally underrated. It"s performance is way better than I imagined. It"s a real treat for the eyes and cutting through traffic is easy as a pie. The only downside is that the productions of bike during the first month of its release the self motor was carelessly defective for all bikes manufactured prior to release. Had got to change it for free at Bajaj but had to wait a week without my bike. Also I have traveled more than 20.000km on the bike, there are a lot of minor problems that comes often. Electricals and fuel mere specially are completely useless. The fuel reading is totally useless and very inaccurate. The analogue meter was a better choice for avenger. The gears slip very often and clutch problems arise every now and then. Other than these minor issues, the bike is Godlike on road.

    Gets Mileage of 35 kmpl
  • Naveenan Lingan
    Naveenan Lingan

    Worst service popular Bajaj Bengaluru. Bennerughatta Road. My bike gets switched off, if I park for 15 to 20 minutes in sunlight. I have to open the fuel tank and leave it for 3 minutes and then it starts. This complaint was there from the day I bought. They could not rectify. Every service they promise that it will be solved. When I take the bike out in the evening, I cannot check, since no sunlight. They bike is good to drive.

    Gets Mileage of 25 kmpl
  • Sanjay N
    Sanjay N

    I"ve used it for 6 yrs and 37K km now. Great bike. The performance is great and I am happy with the mileage. It"s a comfortable ride for a solitary user and one can go for hours on this bike without getting too tired. Not so comfortable for the pillion, however. One thing that is not often mentioned, but which I appreciate is the brightness of its headlight. It"s brighter than every other bike I"ve ridden. The maintenance has hardly ever been a problem. The only thing Bajaj should change are the back brakes, which are not only disappointing, but also dangerous. For a bike that"s not designed for maneuverability, disc brakes are a must. Or at least they need to be a lot better than they currently are.

    Gets Mileage of 42 kmpl
  • Suvankar Mondal
    Suvankar Mondal

    Just great, nothing much to say. Missed 6 th speed and rear disk a lot though.But on long ride I felt back pain. I am 5"7 and physically fitter than average. So as per my body structure, either the handle bars should have been little closer to me or footpegs; not really rear set but towards rear compare to the way it is. My seating posture was kinda clumsy, like seating forward biased with forward set footpegs. I don"t prefer modifying stock riding dynamics so I sold it. I'll probably buy a sports bike soon, preferably RC 390. And if my budget permits an RTR 180 abs for pure commuting.

  • Nanda Kumar
    Nanda Kumar

    i brought this bike on Jan, unfortunately from the day 3 or so engine is getting excess HEAT complained about this many times no action taken from KHAVIRAJ Motors worst engineers irrespective of handling customer, 27th april, 19 i given 2nd service after that also no change in the engine heat now i am selling this bike :( chandra shekar, Harsha KN you are very unprofessional. Please when it comes 1st, please take immediate action. Or i have to take legal action.

    Gets Mileage of 30 kmpl
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  • Navjot Beri
    Navjot Beri

    1. Very expensive for maintaining. I could literally compare bike service with my car service which is more than my yearly car service.

  • Jayesh Dharwatkar
    Jayesh Dharwatkar

    It's a ok bike just wanted more power

  • Sarthak Joshi
    Sarthak Joshi

    best performance bike... very low maintenance in last 2.5 years and mileage is good between 35-40.

    Gets Mileage of 40 kmpl
  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

    if you want to have power as well as comfortable ride it is affordable to anyone

    Gets Mileage of 30 kmpl
  • Riya Kaur
    Riya Kaur

    I really have a great riding experience

    Gets Mileage of 40 kmpl
All Avenger Street 220 User Reviews
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