Test drive the car before purchase

It is very important to test drive your options before putting your money on a specific car. Take all your options for a spin before you make the decision


Test Drive



While you can get plenty of help in financing and documentation from the banking executive, in the decision-making process of what car to buy there is not much external help one can get and one has to rely on what really works for him, keeping the budgeting and other factors in mind. The best way to choose the right car from the market, which also fits within your stipulated budget is to test drive it before signing the cheque. Shortlist the options available and make list of nearby dealerships. In the present day and age of competition, almost all car companies arrange test drives directly at your doorstep. So decide on a day of just driving cars, (sounds like fun, yes? Tell us about it!) pick up the phone and have the cars come through.


Make another quick checklist of what you want from your car and keep it ready every time you are taking a test drive. It might sound too geeky and finicky, but it’s a good method to know which car exactly brings the most value-for-money to your requirements and demands. However, at the end of the day choosing the right car is a very feel based thing and something very personal. So don’t simply go by the numbers and take a feel of the car. Each car will have a unique feel to it and the car which you enjoy driving the most (or being driven around in, in case of a chauffeur-driven buyer) is the one that you should consider the most even if it lacks some critical features in comparison to its rivals.


TIP: Though you may find the car good enough for a drive and looks pretty, you must get it checked by a professional mechanic with good integrity (Do not forget to put the car on a ramp and have the underchassis checked for previous disastrous episodes).

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