How to bargain while buying a used car?

We all believe that bargaining is our birth right, not only when we are out grocery shopping but also when we buy a used car. So how can you bargain while buying a used car?


bargaining while buying a used car



The first step in negotiating the price of a used car is based on the condition of the car. Check the condition (interior, exterior, body damage et al) of the car, the amount of work that you may need to do on it, the money you will be spending, and bring it to the light of the seller. Most people forget to take into account the condition of the wearable parts, like tyres. If the tyres need changing then they add to the expenses you’ll have to incur on the car after purchasing it. The number of kilometres on the odometer also makes a massive difference in the amount you will have to pay for the car, so does the number of years the car has been used. Another very important factor to consider while buying a used car is the number of owners and the service history. 

Check the paper work of the car, mainly the insurance or the passing (in case the car is more than 15years old); if you would have to spend on it in the immediate future, you can further negotiate on those terms. If the seller does not negotiate on the overall price of the car, you can also try to cut down on the overall money spent by you by asking him to take care of the paper work and the expenses that come along with it.

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