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BMW G 310 R
BMW G 310 R
Rs. 2.90 Lakh
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BMW G 310 R User Reviews

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  • This bike is very beautiful

    This bike is very beautiful and iam very like this bike and this bike is very beautiful and this logo is very beautiful 💘😻

  • Bike g310r

    The bike g310r is really a worth of money.It is so amazing and the power it generates is really awesome.I love riding this bike.

  • Bike g310r

    The bike g310r is really super bike and also good looking.And the power ⚡ of this bike is amazing.

  • 313cc engine

    The bmw g310r is a stylish and powerful entry-level roadster that offers impressive performance and features.With its 313cc engine, Sleek design, Comfortable ergonomics, And advanced technology, It's a standout choice for both novice and experienced riders alike.

  • Cool and clean 🚳 music video

    Cool and clean 🚳 music video call panna ta ki seema gupta sfi leader sudipta gupta and kolkata high court jaipur to moving forward with family

  • 4.6
    Let me begin by expressing

    Let me begin by expressing my sheer joy when i first laid eyes on the g 310 r.Its sleek design, Blending sportiness and sophistication, Immediately caught my attention.The moment i swung my leg over the saddle, A sense of excitement coursed through my veins, Knowing that this bike was about to offer an unforgettable experience.The driving experience aboard the g 310 r is simply unparalleled.Maneuvering through the bustling city streets has never been easier.Its lightweight nature and nimble handling allowed me to effortlessly weave through traffic, While its agile frame eagerly embraced every tight corner i encountered.Riding this machine felt like an extension of my own body, Instilling confidence with each twist of the throttle.On longer rides, The g 310 r proved to be an exceptional companion.The upright seating position provided a comfortable and commanding view of the road ahead, Ensuring that fatigue did not hinder my journey.Thanks to the thoughtfully engineered suspension, The bike absorbed the imperfections of the road, Bestowing upon me a smooth and controlled ride.It felt as if the bike understood my desire for adventure and responded accordingly.Now, Let's talk about mileage and efficiency.The g 310 r's fuel-efficient engine delivered impressive mileage, Making it an ideal choice for daily commutes and extended trips.While actual figures may vary depending on individual riding habits and road conditions, The bike's efficiency never failed to impress me.It allowed me to embark on exciting adventures without the constant worry of fuel expenses.When it comes to pickup and engine performance, The g 310 r truly shines.Its single-cylinder, Liquid-cooled 313cc engine packs a punch, Offering an exhilarating acceleration that gets the adrenaline flowing.Whether it was swiftly overtaking slower vehicles or merging onto highways with confidence, The bike's responsive throttle response and lightweight construction made every ride a thrilling experience.Naturally, As with any premium motorcycle, Service costs may be slightly higher.However, Let me assure you that bmw motorrad's commitment to quality and reliability ensures that the g 310 r is built to last.Regular servicing and maintenance by authorized bmw service centers will keep the bike in optimal condition, Ensuring longevity and minimizing potential issues.In my experience, This investment was undoubtedly worthwhile, As it allowed me to enjoy countless miles of sheer riding pleasure.When it comes to build quality, The g 310 r exemplifies the renowned craftsmanship of bmw.The robust construction, Premium finishes, And meticulous attention to detail all contribute to an aura of durability and refinement.The bike exudes an undeniable sense of pride, Catching the eye of fellow enthusiasts wherever it goes.Additionally, Advanced features such as the informative digital instrument cluster, Led lighting, And abs braking system elevate both safety and convenience, Adding a touch of modernity to this classic beauty.In conclusion, The bmw g 310 r is a motorcycle that not only fulfills your riding desires but exceeds expectations.Its dynamic and efficient nature, Combined with its impressive pickup, Commendable mileage, And solid build quality, Make it a standout option in the entry-level segment.While service costs may be a consideration, The bike's reliability and bmw's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction provide a reassuring ownership experience.

  • Good Performance And Build Quality

    The BMW G 310 r is a single-cylinder, 313cc, Liquid-cooled, Fuel-injected motorcycle that is designed for urban and highway use. It is powered by a 313cc, Single-cylinder, Liquid-cooled engine that produces 34 horsepower and 28 nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The g 310 r has a comfortable riding position and a well-balanced chassis. The suspension is firm enough to handle bumps and potholes, But not so stiff that it is uncomfortable. The brakes are powerful and provide good stopping power. The g 310 r is a fun and agile motorcycle to ride. It is easy to maneuver in traffic and it is also capable of handling twisty roads. The engine is responsive and provides good acceleration. The fuel economy is also good, With the g1310 r returning an average of 25-30 km in city conditions and 30-35 km on the highway. The g 310 r is a well-built motorcycle with a high level of finish. The bodywork is well-designed and the fit and finish are excellent. The g 310 r also comes with a comprehensive list of features, including an LCD instrument cluster, Led headlights and taillights, And a USB charging port. The g 310 r is a good choice for riders who are looking for a stylish and affordable motorcycle that is both fun to ride and practical for everyday use. Here are some of the pros and cons of the BMW G 310 r. pros:*** affordable* fun to ride* agile* comfortable* good fuel economy* well-built* comprehensive list features. cons:*** vibrations at high speeds* no abs or traction control* small fuel tank* limited aftermarket support the bmw g 310 r has a good after-sales service network in India. The company has a network of authorized service centers across the country. The service centers are well-equipped and the staff is trained to handle all aspects of motorcycle maintenance and repair. Overall, The bmw g 310 r is a good motorcycle for riders who are looking for an affordable, Stylish, And fun-to-ride motorcycle. It is a good choice for both city and highway use.

  • BMW G 310 R Dynamic Urban Thrills

    With its dégagé and nimble two wheeler, the BMW G 310 R is a motorbike erected for City thrills. Its 310cc Mechanism ensures an instigative ride through metropolitan Roads with its snappy and sharp interpretation. The motorcycle's special features, which transude a feeling of sportiness, are incorporated into its simple and coincidental two wheeler. Although its fragile size makes it more manoeuvrable, further features for bettered connection and comfort for riders might boost its appeal for standard trip. The BMW G 310 R is a thrilling and operative result for riders appearing to navigate City surroundings. It impresses with its mix of Expression and dexterity.

  • 2.2
    Feels stressed

    The engine (soul of the bike) is rough and feels stressed at times and ventilation is not at par, The bike gets heated a lot in slow moving traffic, The exhaust note is also not soothing, The gear shifts are very hard and this is a deal-breaker. Vibrations are present on the bike, Service network is limited in India.You do not feel confident at high speeds.The bike looks good, grabs attention, Suspensions are good, Seat-height is good for short riders also it is comfortable to sit. Led headlight is quite bright and gives good visibility at night. Breaks are decent. Overall avoid buying this bike, It just looks good and there are lot of problems in this bike.

  • Genuinely it is the best bike ever

    The driving experience on board the g 310 r is essentially unparalleled. Maneuvering through the clamoring city roads has never been easier. Its lightweight nature and deft taking care of permitted me to easily wind through traffic, While its light-footed outline enthusiastically embraced each sharp corner I encountered. Riding this machine felt like my very own expansion body, Imparting certainty with each bit of the throttle. On longer rides, The g 310 r ended up being an outstanding companion. The upstanding seating position gave an agreeable and ordering perspective out and about ahead, Guaranteeing that weakness didn't prevent my excursion.

  • G 310 R User Reviews

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