Suzuki Gixxer: 5,000km Long Term Review

  • Aug 17, 2015
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  • By Team Zigwheels
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The more we ride the Suzuki Gixxer and the closer we look at the design of the 155cc motorcycle, one can’t help but admire the engineering behind the bike... albeit a few corners cut to save cost.
Suzuki Gixxer 5000km Long Term User Review

Since the Goa ride which we mentioned in our previous long term post, the Gixxer was feeling gruff and had lost its spirited nature, but after getting serviced at the authorised company service station, which by the way is about 25km away, the bike did feel rejuvenated a bit.

Sadly, since then I haven’t been able to take the Suzuki Gixxer for a long ride (the rains are to be blamed mainly) and the poor soul mostly stayed put at the parking lot, except the occasional run to the office or the corner general store.

And then, to my horror I notice oil stains on the garage floor under the bike. Obviously, the service engineer hadn’t tightened the oil drain plug properly, making the engine oil drip. It was a bad idea to take Suzuki Gixxer for another long trip to the Suzuki service station so I got the bolt tightened and engine oil topped up at a local workshop.

On the whole, the Gixxer has remains an extremely comfortable bike, be it on long rides or even a short sprint. The suspension setup, great riding position and cushy seat make it a fun bike to ride in most occasions. In the last six months the bike has been aging well, which points squarely at its well thought engineering and design.

Good:  Comfort, Refinement
Bad:  Ground Clearance
Kilometres done: 5,300km
Fuel Economy: 45kmpl (on an average)
Acquired in: January 2015

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