Mercedes E250 CDI Avantgarde: 3,000km Long Term Review

We've driven the E-Class for over a couple of months now, and remain impressed with its refinement, comfort and of course the brand appeal



Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Long Term Review




I’ve been living out of a car lately. Of course, being an automobile journalist it’s not surprising, as I juggle between photoshoot locations, meetings, Mumbai office and back to Pune to spend quality time with my family. I’m always on the move. But thanks to our long term Mercedes-Benz E-Class, life seems business class, and I’m definitely not complaining.


In fact I’m ecstatic. This happens to be my first long term car in this company, and what more could I ask for than a top-of-the-line Mercedes E250 CDI Avantgarde. Everything in the E-Class is draped with wonderful materials — perforated leather on the seats, matt-finished wood on the dashboard, high quality brush metal on the centre console... the list goes on.


It’s not just about luxury, the spacious four-door Merc is a pretty practical car for daily use. The wide yawn angle of the front doors ensure that getting in and out of the Mercedes E250 CDI is a breeze, while the driving position is quite nice. The spot I frequent most is the driver’s seat. It’s large, comfortable with great shoulder and thigh support, and ensures to keep me fatigue free even after long hauls of intercity driving.




Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Long Term Review




If you ask me what I like most about the cabin, then it has to be the AMG-type steering wheel and the fine music system. While other family members love the well cushioned rear seats and the separate climate zone it comes with. And my kid remains mesmerized by the sun-roof even today. There is ample safety equipment and handy features too, including the easy to use COMAND system and the very useful Bluetooth phone connectivity which is a must for my office on wheels.


However, for a car of this stature, not having rear camera is disappointing. The Mercedes E250 CDI Avantgarde does get front and back proximity sensors, and Park Assist which make things a bit easier. Since there are no bottle holders on the door panels, I have to keep water bottle in the storage compartment under the driver’s seat.


Even the 2143cc common rail engine compliments the serene cabin. The diesel motor is impressively quiet on idling, and the sound insulation keeps the cabin free of any clatter even on higher revs. The E250 produces a humble 207PS, yet the performance is strong because of the massive 500Nm of torque it makes. Driving the Mercedes at everyday driving speed is remarkably effortless, since the torque flows in steadily at from as low as 1,600rpm. 


The days when I head out of the city for photoshoots, the Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI cruises comfortably at 120-140kmph without complaining. The only grouch that I have is that the diesel motor feels strained past 4000rpm and the seven speed transmission isn't the quickest either. 



Mercedes-Benz E250 Long Term fuel efficiency



I’ve driven the car for about 2,000km and it has impressed me by returning 15kmpl on the highway and about 13.5kmpl in the city. What I also like about the Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI is its light electric steering which is quick and accurate; the other being the excellent all-round visibility which comes useful in busy city roads. 


Since this is not the launch edition, the car comes with 245/45 R17 tyres with smart looking five twin-spoke alloys. These tyres are better suited for our road conditions and in combination to the Merc’s comfort oriented suspension makes the ride relaxed and composed. Yes, it feels a bit soft and has slight body roll too, but the Mercedes is really well balanced especially with four others onboard.


In the last few months I’ve become quite used to the luxury and comfort the Mercedes offers. Which will make it even more difficult to say gooodbye to the E250, when the time comes. But for now I really don’t mind the extra attention I get when the Mercedes-Benz makes a grand entry where ever it goes.


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