Honda Aviator : Detailed Review

Honda scooters have been around in the Indian market for quite a while now and have been doing really well in their segment. This year, Honda decided to treat us to another gearless scooter offering, the Aviator, adding a third scooter to its existing range which includes the ever-popular Activa and Dio. And though it is still based on the same engine and platform of the other two Honda scooters, it does manage to inject some freshness in the range.

The styling of the Aviator is a little odd. While the Activa is inoffensive to just about everyone and the Dio is rather attractive if you're eighteen at heart, the Aviator seems to have love-it-or-hate-it looks reminiscent of Honda's latest CBR1000RR superbike. But that being said, the bike is certainly no oddball and it looks easily as up-market as any of its competition. Its two-tone fascia and vertically stacked front indicators give this bike a rather tall look, and when you throw a leg over the seat (or the footboard) and saddle up, you realize that the Aviator is in fact rather tall. Its overall proportions and weight seem to confirm Honda's claim that this is a bike designed for the male of the species.

With the same engine from the other two gearless scoots, the performance of the Aviator is nothing out of the ordinary and pretty much what we've been used to from the Hondas all these years. However, the telescopic front forks give it extremely confidence-inspiring handling characteristics while the optional front disc brakes ensures that she stops on a dime when the anchors are dropped. The bike again exhibits typical Honda characteristics by being as nimble in city traffic as she is stable on open stretches of road or even around corners.

What the Aviator offers is up-beat styling, good refinement and with its big under-seat boot and floorboard, practicality that generally better than, or at least at par with, its competition. When it comes to guzzling fuel though, it's definitely not the most efficient in its class, especially if you like to twist your right wrist often. With build quality typical Honda-solid, it's difficult to go wrong with buying this bike, unless of course, you're a bit short in height.

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