The All-new Genesis Electrified G80 To Rival The Mercedes EQE And Audi A6 e-tron

The G80 EV debuted at the ongoing Auto Shanghai


Korean luxury automaker Genesis has revealed the all-new electrified G80 at the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2021. The EV continues with the ICE-powered model’s architecture, but, of course, with electric powertrains. It will be sold alongside the petrol-powered sedan (much like the Nexon EV and the regular Nexon SUV). 


Replacing the internal combustion engine are two electric motors developing a combined 370PS and 700Nm. Yes, it is a four-wheel drive. But under specific conditions, the electric midsize sedan will be powered by a single motor (as a two-wheel drive) for improved efficiency. In the Sport mode, the electrified G80 can go from 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds.


Genesis is yet to reveal the battery specifications, but it claims the EV can deliver a range of 500km. It also supports fast-charging up to 350kW, and can be fired up from 10 to 80 percent in 22 minutes. Also, the 400v/800v charging system means you can top it up via various sources. 


Other features onboard include Road-noise Active Noise Control (RANC), Genesis-speak for noise cancellation. According to the carmaker, this feature can bring down in-cabin noise by cancelling unwanted sounds produced by road surfaces and tyres. The Electronic Control Suspension Preview utilises sensors to scan the road ahead and automatically adjusts the suspension for a better ride. 

Facts to know: The electrified G80 comes with a ‘solar roof’ to charge the batteries with the help of solar energy. 


An EV needs to be more aerodynamic for improved efficiency. While the basic design is similar to the ICE-powered sedan, the G80 EV has a closed-off grille and a unique front bumper. The styling is the same inside as well, just that this one uses recycled materials and is more environment-friendly. 


Globally, the electric G80 will rival the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE and Audi A6 e-tron. But unfortunately, we don’t think Genesis’s India debut will happen anytime soon.


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