Bajaj Dominar Sets Off For Antarctic Circle From The Arctic

Bajaj flagged off the Dominar Polar Odyssey with three riders riding from Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic circle to Ushuaia in Argentina, the tip of Antarctica

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

In a bid to outdo the Dominar’s previous feat of traversing Siberia under the ‘Trans-Siberian Odyssey’, Bajaj Auto has flagged off another epic trip. Called the Dominar Polar Odyssey, it will see three riders travel from Anchorage, USA to Tuktoyaktuk, in the Arctic Circle before heading down to Ushuaia in Argentina, the northern tip of the Antarctic Circle. During the course of the journey, the riders will cover over 50,000km across 17 countries in North, Central and South America.

The three riders, namely Deepak Kamath, Avinash PS, and Deepak Gupta will be covering more than 450km everyday over a span of four months. Moreover, they won’t be accompanied by any dedicated service support or back-up team. The three Dominar 400 motorcycles have been modded with knobbies, raised front fender, full crash guards with integrated jerry cans and touring windscreen. Bajaj has also equipped them with ergonomic seats, handguards, radiator guard and hard case panniers on both sides and up top as well. The front telescopic forks feature gaiters to protect them from dust and muck. The powertrain, however, is stock, just to prove the fact that the Dominar is capable of accomplishing such a feat without any enhancements.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey bikes closeup

Along the way, the team will traverse ice-packed roads and long-distance highways in North America, to the tropical river beds and dirt tracks of Central America, before heading to the Amazon forest and river basin in Brazil. They’ll then be continuing through the gravelly tracks on the high-altitude passes of the Andean highlands. Before concluding the ride at Ushuaia, the riders will also cross the Atacama desert and the grasslands of the Pampas, Argentina. Here’s Bajaj’s official statement about the ride:

Press Release:

Bajaj Auto flags-off Dominar Polar Odyssey – Arctic to Antarctic

  • World’s First Polar Odyssey: from Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic circle to Ushuaia, the closest point to the Antarctic.
  • 3 Indian riders on their Bajaj Dominar 400’s shall cover 50,000 km across North, Central and South America in approximately four months.
  • The Polar Odyssey starts on the first year anniversary of the successful and path breaking “First time for India” Trans-Siberian Odyssey. 
  • Live updates can be followed on https://www.bajajauto.com/motor-bikes/dominar-400/home or instagram.com/bajajdominar

Anchorage (Alaska, USA), 30th July, 2018: On the 1st anniversary of the historic Trans-Siberian Odyssey which made the Bajaj Dominar 400 the first and only Indian motorcycle to conquer the world’s toughest journey, the Bajaj Dominar 400 is set to outdo its own record. The Dominar Polar Odyssey – Arctic to Antarctic will cover the entire length and breadth of North and South America commencing from Anchorage to Tuktoyaltuk in the Arctic Circle and then all the way down to the End of the World at Ushuaia in Argentina by the Antarctic Circle.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey bikes

The journey will span four months and traverse more than 50,000 km across 17 countries in North, Central and South America. This translates into over 450 km of hyperriding every day without any dedicated service support or back-up team across all kinds of terrain, climate and conditions. From the ice-pack roads and long-distance highways of Canada, USA and Mexico, to the tropical river beds and dirt tracks of Central America and the Amazon Forest and River basin in Brazil, continuing to the gravel tracks of the high altitude passes of the Andean highlands and the Atacama desert, and finally to the majestic open grasslands of the Argentinian Pampas. During the Dominar Polar Odyssey, the Dominar shall cover four of the world’s toughest roads making it the most audacious odyssey ever attempted.

  • Dempster Highway– Arctic Circle, Canada
  • James Dalton Highway – Arctic Circle, USA
  • North Yungas Road (Road of Death), Bolivia
  • Atacama Desert, Chile

The Polar Odyssey challenge is being taken up by three passionate riders - Deepak Kamath, Avinash PS, and Deepak Gupta. Deepak Kamath has been riding for over 30 years now and was part of the Dominar Trans-Siberian Odyssey. Avinash is a mechanical engineer by profession and an avid motorcyclist and photographer. Deepak Gupta is an active member of the Group Of Delhi Superbikers (GODS).

Speaking during the flag-off ceremony in Pune on 20th July 2018, Mr. Eric Vas, President - Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto Ltd, said, “A year ago with the completion of the Trans-Siberian Odyssey, the Dominar 400 comprehensively cemented its reputation as the motorcycle of choice for the discerning motorcyclists in India. The Dominar Polar Odyssey from the North Pole to the South Pole shall demonstrate the indominable product leadership of the Dominar 400. That this grueling Polar Odyssey is being attempted on stock Dominars without any major part change and without a support crew, is testimony to the superiority of the Dominar 400 over all other motorcycles in its class.”

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