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Transport Minister Gadkari Inaugurates Tata’s First Vehicle Scrapping Facility In Jaipur

Called ReWiRe, the scrapping facility has the capacity to process up to 15,000 vehicles annually

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Indian carmaker Tata, alongside its partner Ganganagar Vaahan Udyog, has opened its first vehicle scrapping facility in India in Jaipur, called ReWiRe, short for “Recycle With Respect.” Inaugurated by Nitin Gadkari, the Union Transport Minister, the scrapping centre can recycle up to 15,000 end-of-life (EOL) vehicles each year.


“The inauguration of this RVSF (Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility) heralds a new beginning in responsible scrapping of end-of-life vehicles. With globally benchmarked and optimised recycling processes, we intend to yield maximum value from the scrap for future use and minimise waste for the overall betterment.” – Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors. 


ReWire is an authorised vehicle scrapping centre that is equipped to provide owners of ageing vehicles the documentation required to avail benefits under the government’s vehicle scrappage policy. 

Why should you get your car scrapped? 

“The National Vehicle Scrappage Policy was introduced with the aim to promote circular economy by creating an ecosystem for phasing out unfit and polluting vehicles and to achieve a lower carbon footprint in the country by replacing them with greener and more fuel efficient vehicles.” – Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways.


In India, vehicle owners who get their EOL vehicles processed at a scrapping centre are eligible for cash benefits on their next new vehicle purchase. The government has put the scrapping policy in place to incentivise people to get their older cars recycled once the vehicles are no longer usable. 

To know all the steps involved in scrapping a car at an authorised vehicle scrapping facility in India, check out our experience story linked below: 

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