Up Close And Personal With A Rs 25 Lakh MV Agusta

All the intricate details on the exquisite Brutale 1000 RR

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery
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What you’re looking at is the MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR, the Italian manufacturer’s flagship production naked bike. It’s based on the limited edition Brutale Serie Oro but some ‘cost-cutting’ measures mean that the price is down from €42,990 (Rs 36 lakh) to €30,000 (Rs 25 lakh). 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

We reckon this headlight will look pretty intimidating when it shows up in your mirrors, especially with that neat LED ring DRL. 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

The 998cc inline-4 motor is the same as that seen on the Serie Oro, but in this application, output has gone down slightly. Don’t worry, it’s only fallen from 211PS to 208PS, so it won’t have any trouble climbing up that steep slope to your villa in the Alps. 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

Exhaust systems have always been an MV Agusta specialty and the Brutale 1000 RR is no different. This bike features quad slash-cut units that are high-mounted in a scrambler-esque fashion, and look rather gorgeous. 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

Cycle parts are absolutely top notch: an Ohlins NIX upside-down fork which is pretty much the best that money can buy. Braking is a similarly top-of-the-line affair, with twin 320mm discs bitten on by flagship Brembo Stylema calipers. 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

At the rear, the RR gets a class-leading Ohlins TTX monoshock. Needless to say, suspension is fully-adjustable and electronically-controlled at both ends. The single-sided swingarm is a gorgeous touch and the wheels look really neat too.

 MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

Speaking of wheels, the RR has to make do with pesky forged aluminium units while the Serie Oro gets carbon-fibre examples, and this will result in slightly heavier handling. Steel bolts on the RR vs titanium bolts on the Serie Oro are another difference between the two bikes. 

MV Agusta 1000 RR Image Gallery

The colour TFT dash, in addition to looking pretty swanky, also allows you to control things like the IMU-assisted 8-level traction control system, torque maps, bi-directional quickshifter, wheelie control and cornering ABS. 

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