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Mahindra Updates Scorpio N Sunroof Assembly Despite Assuring It Is Watertight

Mahindra had already proved that the sunroof seals work even under a waterfall and yet the carmaker has applied a minor fix that provides further protection to the roof-mounted speakers

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Do you remember that recent video of a Mahindra Scorpio N’s sunroof leaking profusely through the speaker grilles while the SUV was under a waterfall? Well, that video has been debunked (the sunroof hadn’t been closed properly) and Mahindra even posted a social media video replicating the waterfall incident to reassure owners that the Scorpio N’s sunroof indeed doesn’t leak.

Now, it seems that the carmaker has applied another fix to the sunroof assembly, a trim piece that further isolates the roof-mounted speakers present in variants equipped with a 12-speaker Sony 3D surround sound system.

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Earlier, the roof-mounted speakers were visible from a certain angle when the sunroof was open. This didn’t affect the functioning of the speakers, but did make the electronic components a bit more vulnerable to environmental factors such as dust and moisture. 

Exposed speaker before (left), Mahindra's fix (right)

After this fix, the roof assembly seems to fit flush, neatly obscuring the roof-mounted speakers from view and further protecting the speaker assembly from the elements, for example, in the case of a sudden squall.  

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Keep in mind that in case of rainfall (or when driving under a waterfall), it’s important to close the sunroof all the way, ensuring that the entire unit sits flush with the seals. It’s advisable to check this with the sunroof headliner retracted, keeping the glass in full view. In addition, if your car has a sunroof, get the seals and the drain inspected during services to ensure they function as they should. 

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