10 Lucky People To Win Gift Hampers With Maruti Suzuki Celerio Lucky In Love Valentine’s Day Campaign

  • Feb 23, 2024
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More than 100 entries have been received for Maruti’s V-Day campaign, which was held between 8th and 17th February

Ever struggled with a date idea for your significant other that’s not your usual dinner or movie date? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It seems like Maruti Suzuki also went through a similar situation. So the carmaker decided to take matters into its own hands, with an innovative Valentine's Day campaign featuring the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. The contest involves customers doing activities suggested by the website, all leading to some lucky souls winning a gift hamper worth Rs 10,000. Sounds pretty fun for a date, no? 

That’s the idea behind the Maruti Suzuki Celerio Lucky In Love campaign. While you can’t participate in it now, you still can witness how the 100+ participants went about it. 

Maruti’s Celerio Lucky In Love V-Day campaign

You want your dates to be fun, right? Not involving a lot of hassle or overthinking, and that’s why the campaign was kept simple. It kicked off on February 8th, while the most significant part of the campaign, the Celerio Lucky In Love game, was launched on February 13th.

To enter the game, users just had to tap the link in the bios of Maruti Suzuki Arena’s social media handles. Once in there, all they had to do was pull the lever, which would then suggest an activity like ‘Visit the Zoo/Dog Park’ or ‘Plan a Cosy Bonfire Evening.’ Basically, romantic ideas to help you take your partner out. 

Now, the next step was to post their game result on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of the actual date that they went on, based on the event the game planned for them. The pictures had to be uploaded between February 15th and 17th, with the #CelerioLuckyInLove hashtag. Below is the reel showing the exact same steps:

Not only does this campaign create a new experience for the people participating, it also imparts a sense of celebration of love in their own unique way, just like the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, which seeks a reflection of one’s own style in their lifestyle. This special day, which celebrates love and happiness, brings you closer as they try to pull off the perfect date and win the contest together. 

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While we missed out on participating in this innovative campaign, more than 100 lucky people did take part, and 10 of them now stand the chance to win a gift hamper worth Rs 10,000. Given that the campaign will conclude on February 25th, you can expect a winner to be crowned just before that. The prize winners can then use this voucher to take their partners out for a fancy dinner or buy them an expensive gift. All in all, you’re getting to do a fun activity with your beloved partner, thanks to Maruti’s V-Day campaign and at the end, earn a voucher to do a special activity - be it a roadtrip, a candle light dinner or any other activity of your choice.  

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The Celerio being the face of such a campaign is befitting too. Its ‘3D Organic Sculpted Design’ gives it a stylish appearance that looks attractive and it even gets an extensive list of features with a spacious cabin for a comfortable driving experience. No wonder Maruti used the Celerio and the #CelerioLuckyInLove hashtag for this campaign. Stay tuned to the Maruti Suzuki Arena (@msarenaofficial) Instagram handle to see who wins it!

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