Explained: All The New Features Ola Electric Is Introducing With MoveOS 2.0 Today

The S1 Pro finally gets navigation, cruise control and a lot more

When Ola launched the Electric S1 Pro in August 2021, they also promised customers a bunch of geeky features to go with their swanky new e-scoot. Unfortunately, many of them haven’t made it to the end user even now. 

Until now. Today, the company has commenced rolling out its MoveOS 2.0 operating system, an OTA update that not only introduces some of those promised features but also promises to iron out some of the glitches owners have been facing with their Ola EVs so far, to all its customers. We have been testing out the Ola Electric S1 Pro with the MoveOS 2.0, and before our comprehensive road test review, here’s our experience with the new OTA update:

Promises Delivered With The MoveOS 2.0

ECO Mode

Ola Electric has introduced a new ‘ECO’ mode with the MoveOS 2.0. This mode promises a range of 164km, however, we managed to extract only 136km. Is it usable on an everyday basis? Well, partially. In this mode, it is extremely sluggish up to 25kmph. So, shooting off a signal or quick overtakes aren’t possible with this mode. However, once you get it rolling, you can manage it in moving traffic. This mode not just dumbs down the power delivery but also restricts your top speed to a speedo-indicated 41kmph.

Companion App

Ola Electric has finally introduced its mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile application allows you to lock/unlock the Ola Electric S1 Pro or even open its trunk. You can even check the expected range in all riding modes. 

However, there are certain limitations to this system: The application uses the mobile number registered with Ola Electric to login. So, to connect the app with multiple devices, you’ll need to take the OTP from the registered number every time. And everytime you log in to a different device, the app will log out from the previous one.

The Ola Electric application is a bit glitchy too. There were times when the lock/unlock feature wouldn’t work or the application would simply log us out. However, these things can be ironed out in future updates.


The Ola Electric S1 Pro finally gets onboard navigation. This system uses the MapmyIndia service, so you may sometimes face problems while finding a location. We had a mixed experience with the navigation system. Some of the locations that we tried were not listed, and for the ones that were listed, there was an “Server Unreachable” error. 

However, Ola states that to ensure seamless usage of the navigation feature, a hardware upgrade might be required to fix the GPS antenna. To know how to get this hardware update, check out this story.


The MoveOS 2.0 also allows you to connect your phone to the electric scooter to play music. You can toggle through songs via the switch cube or the touchscreen. The built-in speakers are loud and offer good sound quality too. Though we do not recommend riding while listening to music, at 50 percent, the volume is loud enough for the rider to listen while not being a nuisance to other riders. However, if your device is connected to the e-scooter, it will resume playing the music everytime you switch it on. We would have liked it if the EV would have let the rider decide that.

Cruise Control

The new OTA update finally brings the cruise control mode. This feature works in Normal, Sport and Hyper but not in Eco mode. You’ll need to be between 20-80kmph and can switch to cruise control with the press of a button. The cruise control worked just as promised without any hiccups.

What Ola Electric Is Yet To Deliver

First off, the ‘Moods’ functionality that promised different layouts and sound tracks which the user could toggle through. Ola Electric is also yet to introduce Hill Hold Control and Voice Assist functionality. Hopefully, these features could be introduced later as an update to this OS.

To sum it up, the Ola Electric S1 Pro’s MoveOS 2.0 is definitely a welcome change and brings out some key features to the e-scooter. However, there are some minor glitches, but nothing that can’t be fixed in future updates.

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