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  • Q. When will BS6 engine available in Ignis?
    Zigwheels | 4 months ago

    As of now, there is no official update from the brand's end. Stay tuned for further updates.

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  • Q. What about the suspension in Ignis?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The 180mm of ground clearance means you can be a bit adventurous and take it over broken roads. Grip from the 175/65 R15 tyres seem adequate, and the suspension is tuned well to offer a comfortable ride. It manages to take the sting out of the nasty potholes, and tides over them with a sense of maturity. And, just like its elder sibling - the Baleno - the suspension is quiet while doing so. There’s no thudding or thunking that makes you cringe inside the cabin. Out on the highways, it maintains its poise and feels planted at triple digit speeds as well as quick lane changes.

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  • Q. Among Ignis Alpha automatic and i10 automatic which is best as far as features, suspension, build quality, average and maintenance cost?
    Milind | 7 months ago

    Ignis is better choice considering the VFM it brings. Both of them have more or less same build quality. I10 looks dated, old school design. Ignis is fun to drive, both in city and on highway as well. Remember it is based on the same platform as that of new Swift. It gets everything a swift gets and even better when it comes to customisations available. I preferred Ignis AMT Zeta as it was a complete package.

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  • Q. What are the merits and demerits of Electric power steering as compared to simple power steering - Ignis?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Benefits: - Saves fuel, cuts CO2 emissions. - No hoses or fluids; maintenance-free. - Allows integration into other car safety and stability systems. - Essential for automated parking. - Opens the door for steer-by-wire. Drawbacks: - Not yet suitable for larger cars. - Steering feel sometimes is bad. - High-performance cars still need hydraulic systems. - Electrohydraulic systems can be noisy. - Steer-by-wire still a distant prospect.

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  • Q. Can we upgraded from out side, by adding music system, central Lock, power windows to basic model of Ignis sigma?
    Ayan | 2 months ago

    Yes, you can. But do try it after warranty period.

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  • Q. Sir Maruti Ignis has discontinued its diesel version due to 1.3 heavy Diesel engine. light body comparison to swift & baleno some humors are also coming that after the speed of 120 km/ h it losses its stability. please guide me ,my choices are Ignis & grand i10 Which one should i buy and why?
    Vinod | 1 year ago

    Not due to heavy engine actually sales of ignis diesel is very low currently 4000 ignis sold in a month and 90% of them sold with petrol.and i hv drove my ignis 130 km/h but didnt found any problem of stability. Grand i10 is also a great car having a huge service network as well. When i bought ignis i have also choosed from these 2 cars as i know Hyundai i10 gives mileage of 10 km/L and in highway it gives 15km/L. And in ignis i have got upto 28km/l. Also its ground clearance is awesome as i10 touches ground lots of time. I think u should go for ignis if u want mileage and if u want a speedy engine with no tension of mileage go for i10.Rest is your choice.

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    Maruti Ignis Engine FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Ignis available in automatic transmission?
    A. Yes. Maruti Ignis available in automatic variants
    Q. Is Maruti Ignis available in petrol version?
    A. Yes. Maruti Ignis available in petrol engine option.
    Q. Is Maruti Ignis available in diesel version?
    A. No. Currently there is no diesel engine option available on Maruti Ignis.
    Q. What is the engine power of Maruti Ignis petrol version?
    A. The engine power of Maruti Ignis petrol version is 81.80bhp@6000rpm.
    Q. What is torque of Maruti Ignis?
    A. The torque of Maruti Ignis is 113Nm@4200rpm.
    Q. How many cylinders does Maruti Ignis has?
    A. Maruti Ignis comes with 4 cylinders.
    Q. How many gears available in Maruti Ignis?
    A. There are 5 Speed gears available in Maruti Ignis.
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