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  • Q. I'm confused between RE Thunderbird 350X and Jawa. Please suggest me which one has a better mileage and performance
    Twinspark | 1 year ago

    Re has better mileage than jawa but performance of jawa is better than royal enfield but if you are a slow. driver where royal enfield is the best it can also has capable of doing 130

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  • Q. What is the mileage of Jawa.
    Sanjay | 1 year ago

    Up to 5000km you will get only 22_24 in city traffic, after that there will be some improvement

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  • Q. Does Jawa have leg bumper, did anyone check about the mileage? Do we need to add extra accessories like Royal Enfield? Please help me on these things to buy Jawa soon. Also not able find any difference in 300 and 42.
    Hormazd | 1 year ago

    The Jawa 42 is the slightly cheaper version of Jawa because it saves on the cost of chrome plating and instead gives you a painted tank, shorter mudguards and slightly wider handlebars. It also has a simple separate headlight along with an offset instrument pod. Otherwise identical to the other( only )Jawa. People who like a lot of bling which attracts attention will prefer the traditional looking Jawa whereas those who prefer a more subtle look will go for the 42 model.

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    • 3.4

      super bike to drive long and short distance

    • 2.2

      I purchased jawa classic on 27th oct from chahal automobiles gurgaon.When i went for pooja, Vehicle breakdown there on the 1st day.Mechanic reached after few hours and changed plugs.After that, I went outside for a week.When i came back and tried to start the bike.The battery was low.I called showroom and explained that its a new bike and not getting started.They told me that you have to visit nearest workshop.I didn't get my vehicle registration details yet.Bike is running on temporary number plates.It's not safe to run bike in delhi.Showroom is still giving next date.Very frustrated with the vehicle and services.Still waiting for registration number and battery solution.

    • 4.2

      jawa is beautiful good looking bike has lot of initial pickup and power smoother even at high speed crusing

    • 2.2

      Shockup is very poor.Horn sound is very bad.And biggest problems which i face my bike tyre punctured and no one provide service, Other puncture service shop is not repair this bike because the bike is very heavy weight and bike don't have middle stand.They haven't give tubeless tyres.If they will provide tubeless tyre i can't face problem.

    • 3.8

      Predictable wonderful performance, Dashing looks.Eye catcher, Engine responsive.I am sure can get little more mileage with fine tuning of riding habits.

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    • 3.8

      Buying experienceIt was good but not like ktm where the customer is treated very wellTaking a bike has to be everyones dream maybe Java is unaware of that feelingRiding experienceMalegaon 110 km from Nashik is a complete highway but still had to face a lot of problems of ground clearanceIf the weight of both the rider and the pillion is above 120 then the rumble strip also touches the engine guard with easeAnd this seat will give you the most Pain He is very painfulServicing and maintenanceThere are some problems due to the service center in NashikThe brakes in front of the vehicle which work and it is excellent but if you talk about the back brakes then you will get a lack of confidenceMaintenance is a little expensiveAccessories are also very expensive brand money is taken branded quality is not givenThere is no answer to this bike when it comes to looksWhen you go on the road everyone sees this beauty and keeps lookingPeople are very happy to see Java in the era of the 1970s and 1980s Seeing their happiness you also get a lot of happinessThat you have bought some very valuable bikeperformance etcThe performance was very good 10 hours and 600 km chant were very goodThe high speed could not go above 120There is really no answer to the vibration You do not feel any vibration till the speed of 80 and when you go above 90 you start lightly and around 100 you feel very wellIt is fun to drive the bike in front of the 3rd gear in the 1st and 2nd the vehicle gets hot oven for 15 minutes.Good enough for the highway but not for the cityPros and consProsVery good looking vehicleNice riding experiance as wellNo vibrationSilent killerABS ahead is very goodCons:Very low ground clearanceLow speedLow mileage

    • 1.8

      the most important thing is that its not build keeping indian roads in mind you will feel very embarrassing when you will ride with friends who owns royal Enfield as you ride double in this bike you will hear a noise in every bumper due to low space secondary this bike get heated like a burning wood and the cooling condenser will work but very late but not as expected you will feel as if its there only for show piece thirdly bike got a noise from the front folks when ever it will fall in a small pots or hole any thing on road and ita not in all bikes but there is a noise in every bike whenever i go to service center they all take whole day but they couldn't repair it you will find similar cases with other owners someones says engine noise someone says they are facing a noise from back side suspension and company will give a ghanta about your complains and response are so poor tht you will feel as bakra as i am feelin now though i love this bike because i invested 2 lakh on it money makes you love anything my suggestion is very clear to everyone take it aur leave it and if company is reading it than i will say can i get my money back

    • 2.2

      Knowing well a recreated Jawa would be contemporary and with advanced technology, I test drove the 42 series. except for the bikes weight and twin cilinder and size, ntg else got be engrossed with it.. the single box speedometer with fuel, battery etc indicator spoils that place..creates a hollow on the other side..Next, not sure why gear pedal isnt sea-saw type like in other cruise bikes (quite inconvenient in these times with big traffic jams). Exhaust sound is like Pulsar/Hero honda.. No kick start option available.. (is Jawa company that confident that button start will never fail for ever? Seat also quite flat.. not ergonomic enough for long rides. Suspension is so-so..the rear light could have been bit bigger & wider (required in dark times on highways). Speed/pickup is good for city rides.. headlight looks real small, compared to Royal enfield..few more to write..

    • 4.2

      Got my delivery in December, and writing this review after a little over 2000kms. My daily commute is less than 8kms roundtrip, so almost the entireity of the 2000kms have been on weekend rides. 1. This bike loves the highways, and seemed comfortable cruising between 90-100kmph for extended periods.2. Travelling solo, with luggage is fine, but grund clearance becomes a major issue with pillion. Have to be extra careful while banking hard or crossing the odd speed bump.3. Average mileage over 2k kms is 38.4kmpl. Pure steady highway rides have got me 39+ kmpl, and pure in-city traffic heavy commutes have got me 34.7kmpl.4. 2nd 3rd gears feel too short and frequent gear changes in city traffic can be a bother.

    • 2.6

      Not at all Happy.. Waste of Money.. Should not have wasted 2lacs for this.. You can not trust the Odometer and lights on speedometer. Engine Malfunction Light and Batter Malfunction Light turned on after 159km only and even if I left the bike in service center for 2 days they did servicing and said sensor was not working changed the battery the light turned on again after riding 50 more kms. Not at all happy selling within a month... Can not spend my time at service center anymore... Entire day is wasted and issue is not resolved. Silensor sound is like normal 40-50000 bike and so normal. Got fooled with much hyped promotion and wasted money waited for this Bike for 1 year and very very disappointed

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