Monsoon exterior car care

The monsoons bring along circumstances which entail special care of your vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep your car shipshape during the rains.

Wiper blade

Check the wipers

It will be impossible for the driver to see what’s ahead if the windshield wipers of the car are not working. Wiper blades wear out with use, and when the rubber liner gets hard, It will fail to clear the windshield completely, leaving you with a smudgy vision. Also hard rubber can leave scratches on the windshield. Replace or repair wipers before the onset of the monsoons. 

Tyre care

When the roads are wet, water between the road surface and tyre can cause aquaplaning. Tyres with adequate tread negate chances of aquaplaning. Therefore, replace tyres with worn out treads. In case the front tyres are more worn out than the rear ones (a common occurrence on vehicle with power steering) get the tyres rotated so that the tyres with more grip are at the front. This will help the vehicle gain more traction on slippery road surfaces.

Brakes’ use

Avoid speeding in the wet to avert aquaplaning. Braking takes longer on wet road surfaces. Do not jam the brakes as it will cause the wheels to slip and skid even with Anti-lock Braking System. Brake smoothly and gradually. If your car is not equipped with ABS use the brake pedal till you feel the wheels locking up  reduce braking effort at the time to prevent the vehicle from skidding. Use a high pressure water spray to clear mud from the brake discs. If your brakes have become less effective get the brake pads replaced before the monsoons begin. 

Monsoon driving

Clean up

Wash the muck off your vehicle regularly during the monsoons and use high pressure hose to spray off mud from the wheel arches, the lower sections of the front apron, firewall and underbody to prevent rust formation. 

Apply wax polish to prevent scratches while cleaning dried mud off the vehicle. Teflon coating will protect the paint from fading and bird droppings.

Change rubber beadings

When the rubber beadings the doors, bonnet, bootlid and sunroof become dry and hard there are chances of water seeping into the passenger cabin and engine bay. Replace them to prevent water seeping into the passenger cabin or to the electrical components under the bonnet. 

Cover up

If you park your vehicle in the open use a cover to protect it from rain and dust. 


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