Interior car care during the monsoons

  • Jun 12, 2012
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Keep the interiors of your car dry as it can be very tricky, painful and expensive to clean up damp interiors.

Interior car care

Keep those windows up

Do not drive with the windows down when it rains as  water will seep on to the seats and carpet and damp carpet will develop fungus if not dried quickly. Use a vacuum cleaner and leave the doors and windows open for a while. If too much water has soaked in take the vehicle to the dealership to be dried. If need be, remove the carpet and dry it. The plastic on door pads also ages faster when it gets wet as does fabric door trim. Rain water can cause a short circuit when the power window switches are operated.

Use the demister and air-conditoning

Turn on the air-conditioning and set it on fresh air setting if the interiors mist up. Set the HVAC control to direct air to the windshield and side windows to quickly get rid of the mist. Vehicles equipped with a demister have the advantage of using heat coils integrated into the rear windshield that remove mist in a jiffy. 

Use fabric floor mats with rubber mats underneath

Wet footwear can dampen the carpet. Protect the carpet with rubber mats and fabric mats over them. Fabric mats absorb water easily and keeps the carpet dry. They also do prevent mud from slipping on to the carpet. Rubber mats prevent the carpet from getting wet in case the fabric ones get soaked. 

Remove the fabric and rubber mats and let them dry outside so that they do not stink up the insides. Dust them off them before reuse. 

Use umbrella

Use an umbrella while getting in and out of the car To prevent wet clothes from dampening the seats or seat covers. Keep wet umbrella in a plastic bag so it does not wet the seats or carpet.

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