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All-terrain tyres

All-terrain (A/T) tyres are recommended for vehicles that travel on both tarmac roads as well as off-road use. They are more durable for cross country and allow better control of the vehicle on varying surfaces. However, they are more expensive than standard tyres and produce more rolling noise. So should you buy them?

All-terrain tyres
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All-terrain (A/T) tyres are radials usually found on SUVs and trucks that frequently drive on varying surfaces such as tarmac, dirt roads, sand, mud, rivers, rocky terrain, etc. Like off-road tyres A/T tyres have chunky lugs on the tyre tread, however, the lugs are tighter than that of off-road tyres. The chunky lugs on the tyre tread make it easier for the tyres to find traction on loose surfaces while smaller gaps between the lugs on the tyre tread reduce rolling noise on tarmac. 

The tread on all-terrain tyres makes it easier to steer the vehicle over varying surfaces due to higher levels of grip. It should be kept in mind that all four wheels of a vehicle should be equipped with one type of tyre, be it A/T tyres or standard road tyres. Different types of tyres on different wheels will provide varying levels of traction which is dangerous in case of high speed driving, especially on slippery or loose road surfaces such as wet tarmac, mud, gravel, etc. 

All-terrain tyres are made up of harder rubber which is why they are more durable than standard road tyres in comparison. The sidewalls of these tyres are reinforced to withstand impact from sharp rocks and other obstacles that can be encountered on cross country trails.

A/T tyres

The downside of using all-terrain tyres on tarmac is the increased rolling noise as compared to standard road tyres. All-terrain tyres are also more expensive. However, they last longer than regular ones as they are made of harder rubber. 

All-terrain tyres are usually fitted to SUVs that are meant for off-roading as well as for on-road use. For example, the Force One is equipped with Apollo Hawkz A/T tyres. Any vehicle can be equipped with all-terrain tyres if it is frequently used for cross country runs, provided the availability of A/T tyres in a particular size. 

It is recommended that cars be equipped with all-terrain tyres if the owners frequently do cross country drives, keeping in view safety and longer tyre life. 

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