What type of car should you buy?

It's important not to get stuck with the wrong type of car. Follow these simple steps to understand your driving requirements


Not every car is suited for every individual. Some people may need to drive very little everyday, others may cover huge distances. While some people may confine their drives deep within cities battling clogged traffic, others might be spending more time on the highways. In some instances there might be just one or two occupants in the car most times while some may require travelling with the entire family quite often. The first big step apart from the finances when it comes to buying a car is to get a grip on your actual requirements. There’s no point in having a really small car if you need to be going to far away places with you entire family and your dog now, is it?

There are lots of variables as far as individual requirements are concerned and the best person to judge the type of car you need is quite obviously going to be you. It is advisable to talk to an expert before you narrow your search down beyond your budget just to put things in perspective, but in most cases if you ask yourself the following questions, you should be good to go.

1.    How far do I have to drive each day?
2.    Am I driving alone or with just one passenger most of the time?
3.    How much importance do I give to safety?
4.    How much luggage do I carry with me?
5.    How cramped is the parking spot where I live?
6.    Am I willing to sacrifice fuel efficiency for a little more performance?

Once you have answers to the questions above you should be able to have narrowed down on the type of car that best suits your driving requirements – be it a hatchback, a sedan, an MPV or an SUV. And once you’ve narrowed that down, along with the budget you’ve set for yourself, you should have a few options listed out in front of you that match the two criteria. Now all you have to do is to sort these out in terms of preference and you’re a step closer to buying your new car.

TIP: All the features, accessories and gizmos that go in modern cars become redundant when you compromise safety. Ideally, in your available budget you should buy the safest car even at the cost of compromising other features.


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