6 Things To Know Before Buying A Premium Motorcycle | Service Costs, Insurance & More!

The temptation to buy a premium motorcycle can be overwhelming for many. Their styling, performance, sound and the attention they grab make owning one a different experience altogether. However, there are some things to bear in mind before entering this realm of motorcycling in India. These include factors like your type of usage, the security of your vehicle, the maintenance of your motorcycle and the skill set that you need to bring to the transaction yourself. The advise in this video comes from someone who bought a used Versys 650 as his first premium motorcycle. For a detailed look at that process, check out this detailed report: https://www.zigwheels.com/news-featur... For more details and video reviews of the latest cars/bikes, do subscribe to ZigWheels: https://bit.ly/2T1LJD2 #PremiumMotorcycle #Motorcycle #ZigWheels
  • by Tushar Kamath
  • May 31, 2020
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