BMW G 310 GS On Road Price in Delhi

The on-road price of the BMW G 310 GS in Delhi starts at Rs. 3.70 lakh (ex-showroom: 3,30,000 + RTO: 26,400 + Insurance: 14,239), and the EMI starts at Rs. 9,035.
Variants On Road Price
G 310 GS ABS BS6 Rs. 3.70 Lakh
BMW G 310 GS
Rs. 3.70 Lakh (On Road Price in Delhi)
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BMW G 310 GS Price in Delhi

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G 310 GS ABS BS6 Rs. 3.70 Lakh
  • Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 3,30,000
  • RTO + Others Rs. 26,400
  • Insurance Rs. 14,239
  • On Road Price in Delhi Rs. 3,70,639
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G 310 GS Price Key Highlights

Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 3,30,000
G 310 GS RTO in Delhi Rs. 26,400
G 310 GS Insurance Cost Rs. 14,239
On Road Price Rs. 3,70,639
G 310 GS Monthly Installment Rs. 9,035 per month @ 6%
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BMW G 310 GS EMI Calculations
Down Payment86,624
Loan Amount2,97,000
Interest Rate6%
Tenure36 months
Loan EMI9,035

User Reviews on G 310 GS Price

Based on 98 reviews & 154 rating
Write & win ₹ 2000
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  • 3.8
    Catching motorcycle

    This is undoubtedly an eye-catching motorcycle. You'll often notice people turning their heads. It is also very comfortable and has "excellent" braking capability. Never seen a bike with such terrific braking performance. However, It does not seem to be very reliable. On the first day of delivery, The bike stopped after 5 km and we had to tow it back to the garage. The next day the starter motor was changed and it was fixed. Point to be noted, The motor of a brand new bike had to be changed in just one day. Ok fine, Let me take that as a technical exception and not be judgmental about that. After all, it's a machine and perhaps bad luck. But no, It doesn't end there. Over the next one month, The bike again stopped several times in the middle of the road due to two reasons: 1. Overheating 2. Taking the clutch and releasing the accelerator. Now, Every now or then I would see the engine temperature reaching over 100c even when riding at 40-50km/hr. When I called service people they said 100c is very normal because 105c is the limit. Just 5c below the limit every now and then doesn't seem normal to me. One fine day the bike stopped in the middle of the road and refused to start because the temperature reached over 105. Though it eventually did start after 20 minutes, But hey.What the hell? it's not a 200hp bike that heat management is so difficult. Apart from this, The bike has stopped several times when I applied the full clutch and released the accelerator. In fact, riding this bike was like a luck game. I hope it doesn't stop! another thing is that this bike has a very very bad low rpm power delivery. It is useless to drive the bike below 4000rpm. At low revs, One wrong gear or a slight quick release of clutch and the engine begins to knock out. This makes low speed driving a very bad experience. Not just me but several people who have tried my bike have ended with a sudden engine turn off because of bad low rev power delivery. The bike though becomes fun after 4k rpm but it's pain below that. Also, the power delivery is highly non-linear. It comes in bursts after 4k and again somewhere after 6k. After the first service of the bike after 1000km, the heating issue was solved and switching off when taking clutch also reduced significantly. One more thing I think could be better is the speed. With my brother sitting at the back, Which is mostly the case, The bike struggles reaching 120km/hr.I don't mean it can't reach more than 120, But the time it would take to cross this speed will require an impractical stretch of free road. So for all practical purposes, We can find it reaching 80 to 90 easily on the Delhi ring road with moderate traffic. Just wish it could be 120 or so with ease instead of 90. To sum up1. Stunning looks and somehow the brand value (really?) adds to it.2.Very comfortable, Glides through rough roads.3.Very good breaking performance.4.Very bad low rpm power delivery5.Speed slightly lower than expectations. Why 4 stars even after all this? well, I think the overall ownership makes me feel a 4-star satisfaction. It's not only the engine you see when we talk of how you feel about owning a particular bike. A million-dollar question would be, If you removed the brand value would I still rate this 4 stars? honest answer, No. I would rate it 3.5 stars. So the extra 0.5 stars just for the ego boost of owning a BMW? perhaps yes. Would I recommend this bike? yes, I will, There's perhaps no competition to it in terms of comfort and appearance. Given the option of a 100% refund, Will I buy a different bike? well no. Out of the box, But I decided on this bike over the ninja 650 which I was initially planning.No it was not the price, It was the feel. Even today I will not swap this with a 650. Just for information a few quick facts: it cost me 3, 50, 000 on road in Delhi with the blue and red colour option which was around 7k extra. I ride in the city and the mileage is 25km/once I broke the clutch lever and it cost over 3k to have it replaced. The first service cost over 7k.

  • 4.2
    Basic price

    Bike is excellent for basic price and comfortable seating hard bhp and better mileage is suitable for adventures


Questions & Answers on BMW G 310 GS Price

Q. In BMW 310 GS, can I change rear stock tyres from 150/70-17 to 150/60-17 or 140/60- 17? basically keeping the same rim size - 17', but slight change in width and height, will it have any neg effect on driving?
  • I am also thinking same.. it will make some height of bike less and easy to control
Q. Does this bike comes with ride by wire?
  • Bmw g310gs ride by wire cost
  • Bmw g310gs ride by wire cost
  • Bmw g310gs ride by wire cost
Q. How many colours are there in BMW G 310 GS?
  • BMW G 310 GS is available in 3 different colours - Cosmic Black, Cyanite Blue, and Polar white.

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G 310 GS Ownership Cost

  • Spare Parts Price
  • Side View Mirror
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 7155
    GST Price :- 2003
    Total Price :- 9158
  • Side Stand
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 6259
    GST Price :- 1752
    Total Price :- 8011
  • Grip Set
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 2547
    GST Price :- 713
    Total Price :- 3260
  • Rear Brake Pads
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 850
    GST Price :- 238
    Total Price :- 1088
  • Front Brake Pads
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 2432
    GST Price :- 680
    Total Price :- 3112
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BMW G 310 GS Price FAQs

What is the BMW G 310 GS on-road price Delhi?

The on-road price of the base variant of BMW G 310 GS in Delhi is Rs 3,70,639.

What is the price of BMW G 310 GS top variant?

The top variant of BMW G 310 GS is ABS BS6 and the on-road price is Rs 3,70,639.

What are the RTO charges for BMW G 310 GS in Delhi?

The RTO Charges for the base variant of BMW G 310 GS in Delhi will be Rs 26,400.

What is the insurance cost of the BMW G 310 GS in Delhi?

The insurance cost of the base variant of BMW G 310 GS in Delhi is Rs. 14,239.

What is the Ex-showroom price of BMW G 310 GS in Delhi?

The Ex-showroom price of the base variant of BMW G 310 GS in Delhi is Rs 3,30,000.

What will be the EMI & Down payment of BMW G 310 GS?

The Down payment of the base variant of BMW G 310 GS is Rs 85,624 and the EMI is 9,035.

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