Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter Scooter Comparison Review

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Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter




Mahindra have been in the scooter segment for a considerable time. Despite this, they haven’t been able to penetrate the Indian scooter segment in terms of sales similar to other manufacturers which entered the fray in the recent past. The prime reason for this is the fact that they were only present in the 125cc segment while 110cc scooters consist of the lion’s share. For this purpose it recently launched its first indigenously developed 110cc scooter offering - the Mahindra Gusto. But the task on hand for the Mahindra Gusto isn’t an easy one as it will have to make a mark for itself against established rivals like the TVS Jupiter which is our pick as the best 110cc scooter and the Honda Activa that rules the roost in the Indian scooter market. Can the Mahindra Gusto spring a surprise against its arch competitors? Read on..




Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter static shot




Design and Features:

Talking about design, none of the above three scooters have a flair to demand a second glance. The scooters have the same design language that was established by the Honda Activa many a years back but with some twist. Design highlights on the Mahindra Gusto include the sharp headlamps flanked by LED pilot lamps (segment first), a raked front apron and boomerang shaped LED taillight. Although the Mahindra Gusto isn’t the most pretty looking offerings it definitely is visually striking. The TVS Jupiter is definitely the best looking scooter of the trio with its clean lines and pleasing styling. The Honda Activa feels its age but having said that the neutral and sober styling of it still seems to be preferred by the masses. All the three scooters employ an analogue instrument cluster, with that of the TVS Jupiter being the most easy to read and neatly laid out. The TVS Jupiter also leads when it comes to switch gear quality and is closely followed by the Mahindra Gusto while the Honda Activa comes last. Built quality alongwith fit-and-finish on all the three scooters is satisfactory. 



Mahindra Gusto seat height difference




The Gusto being a Mahindra offering, it has been loaded with features some of which are a “first” for scooters in our market. The biggest talking point about the Mahindra Gusto is the manual seat height adjustable option. The seat height can be raised or lowered manually by 35mm, which is beneficial to riders of different height. Another clever feature on the Gusto is the self-locking mechanism on the seat that maintains the seat in an upright position without the rider having to hold it manually. This feature will be a boon while accessing the under seat storage space or while filling fuel. Below the instrument console is a spring loaded storage where rider can store various knickknacks like a mobile phone, wallet etc. The Mahindra Gusto also gets a remote flip key which is a first for any scooter in our country. 



Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter rear





The TVS Jupiter sports a pass switch, which is a segment first alongwith an external fuel filler cap and alloy wheels. The Honda Activa has the least amount of features in comparison to the Mahindra Gusto and TVS Jupiter. The Honda Activa sports an anti-theft key shutter as seen on the TVS Jupiter and combi braking system. Another noticeable feature on the Honda Activa is the convenient lift-up independent cover (CLIC mechanism) that enables the rider to lift up the entire rear body cover easily to access the engine. The Mahindra Gusto has the highest fuel tank capacity at 6 litre whereas the TVS Jupiter and Honda Activa have 5 and 5.3 litre respectively. In terms of under seat storage, the Honda Activa is the most spacious at 18-litre followed by Jupiter at 17 litre and Mahindra haven’t revealed the storage space for the Gusto but we suspect it to be around 15 to 16 litre. But none of the trio’s under seat cavity was spacious enough to fit a full face helmet. 


Mahindra Gusto: 4/5

TVS Jupiter: 3.5/5

Honda Activa: 3/5




Mahindra Gusto engine




Engine and Performance:

The powerplant recipe for the above three scooters is the same - a 110cc, air-cooled motor mated to a CVT transmission. Powering the Mahindra Gusto is an indigenously developed 110cc motor that Mahindra calls M-Tec. The single-cylinder, air-cooled unit churns out 8PS at 7,500rpm and peak torque of 9Nm at 5,500 rpm. The TVS Jupiter’s 110cc air-cooled motor pumps out 8PS at 7,500rpm and 8Nm at 5,500rpm. The Honda Activa’s 109cc, single-cylinder mill generates 8PS at 7,500rpma and peak torque rating stands at 8.74Nm at 5,500rpm.



TVS Jupiter engine




As you see, in terms of power all the scooter have similar numbers. But the Mahindra Gusto has the highest torque rating followed by the Honda Activa. In terms of real world performance, the Honda Activa leads the charge with its brisk acceleration and it is able to sustain speeds above 60kmph without much effort. The Honda Activa also shines brightly with respect to refinement and has the least NVH levels.



Honda Activa powerplant




The TVS Jupiter also has a peppy motor and accelerates enthusiastically but as the speeds rise one can feel vibes creeping in from the foot board. The Mahindra Gusto’s powerplant gathers momentum at a sluggish pace but it does have a strong mid-range which helps in it sustaining speeds above 70kmph comfortably. The Mahindra Gusto’s motor is also more refined than that of the TVS Jupiter but it can’t match the levels of the Honda Activa. 


Mahindra Gusto: 3.5/5

TVS Jupiter: 3.5/5

Honda Activa: 4/5




Mahindra Gusto action shot




Ride, Handling and Braking:

More than performance, these parameters rank highly when it comes to the purchase decision of scooter buyers in our two-wheeler market. The TVS Jupiter employs a telescopic front suspension and coil type hydraulic suspension at the rear. This combination helps the TVS Jupiter in boasting the best ride quality of the trio as it glides over broken roads without any trouble. The Mahindra Gusto also mirrors the same suspension setup akin to the Jupiter but a stiffer rear suspension results in a slights firm ride quality.



TVS Jupiter action shot




The Honda Activa uses the inferior trailing link suspension at the front which results in the handlebar juddering whenever you ride over undulated road surfaces. With respect to handling, the TVS Jupiter and the Honda Activa are closely matched as both the scooters are swift on their feet. The TVS Jupiter though has marginally better feedback and is super efficient in changing directions, a trait that is very useful while riding on traffic clogged city roads. The Mahindra Gusto employs large 12-inch dia wheels like the Jupiter yet that doesn’t translate into nimble handling dynamics which can be blamed onto its 120kg kerb weight that is significantly higher in comparison to its rivals.



Honda Activa action shot




The TVS Jupiter is the lightest scooter out of the trio at 108kg followed closely by the Honda Activa at 110kg.  But the Mahindra Gusto has an advantage in terms of ground clearance at 165mm almost 12mm and 15mm more than the Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter respectively. In terms of braking, all the three scooters employ drum brakes at front and rear. The Honda Activa comes fitted with CBS (combi braking system) and this enables the Activa having marginally better stopping prowess than its rivals. 


Mahindra Gusto: 3.5/5

TVS Jupiter: 4/5

Honda Activa: 4/5




Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter side action shot




Fuel Efficiency and Pricing:

Fuel efficiency is factor that is dearest to the majority of the Indian two-wheeler buyers. In terms of fuel efficiency all the above scooters are closely matched as they will return between 50 to 55kmpl if ridden sedately which is quite impressive for automatic scooters. The Mahindra Gusto is offered in two variants – Dx and Vx. For this comparo we have selected the top-spec Vx variant which has been priced at Rs 47,000 (ex-showroom Delhi).



Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter rear action




The additional benefits the Mahindra Gusto has over its standard sibling includes height adjustable seat and remote flip key while the mechanicals remain unchanged. The TVS Jupiter retails for Rs 44,250 (ex-showroom Delhi) while the Honda Activa carries a sticker price of Rs 46,636 (ex-showroom Delhi). 


Mahindra Gusto: 3.5/5

TVS Jupiter: 4/5

Honda Activa: 3.5/5




Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter static pic





The TVS Jupiter then is our winner in this test as it offers decent features, peppy powerplant, plush ride quality, nimble handling dynamics and good fuel efficiency. These are the factors that matter the most to a scooter buyer and the TVS Jupiter offers them in a good overall package. The fact that the TVS Jupiter is the cheapest offering among the trio makes it a value for money proposition also. It was a tightly contested tussle between the Mahindra Gusto and the Honda Activa though.


While the Mahindra Gusto benefits from a huge list of features and respectable ride quality but it lacks the dealer network of Honda and the fact that it weighs in at a hefty 120kg works against it. The Honda Activa scores highly on engine refinement and reliability. Still, though, in terms of a product we feel that the Mahindra Gusto and Honda Activa are evenly matched with respect to their pros and cons, and for this reason they come home a joint second. 


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