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Ola S1 Air Brochure
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Ola S1 Air
Ola S1 Air
Rs. 1.04 Lakh
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S1 Air Running Cost

Monthly Charging Cost Rs. 195
Daily Charging Cost Rs. 6
Per KM Charging Cost Rs. 0.13

The S1 Air has a running cost of Rs. 0.13 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the S1 Air is Rs. 195. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

Calculate Charging Cost of your bike

151 km
Battery Capacity
3 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.13/kilometer

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Ola S1 Air Expert Reviews

The Ola S1 Air: First Ride Review

Does the long-awaited Ola S1 Air deliver on all its promises of being the perfect budget version of the S1 Pro?

Aug 10, 2023
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Ola S1 Air User Reviews

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  • Ola S1 Air Breathe Electric Air, Prowess.

    Breathe in the electric air of prowess with the Ola S1 Air. This electric scooter is at the forefront of the electric revolution, offering riders an eco-friendly and stylish commuting solution. Riding the S1 Air is like experiencing the future of electric mobility a scooter that not only breathes fresh electric air but also boasts technological prowess. With its electric features, smooth performance, and innovative design, the S1 Air is the perfect choice for riders who want to ride into the future with a breath of fresh electric air and technological brilliance.

  • Embracing the Electric vibe with Ola S1 Air

    My ride on the Ola S1 Air has been fascinating thus far. Everything from the sleek futuristic design to the silent quick acceleration of the electric motor makes it a unique awe inspiring experience. It is efficient economical and eco friendly and the touch screen infotainment system is a game changer. Not to mention the impressive range which makes commuting anywhere a breeze. The ride is smooth and enjoyable. Undoubtedly, the Ola S1 Air has definitely got me embracing the electric revolution with open arms.Every ride is a joyous journey on my Ola S1 Air.

  • Reveling in the Future with my Ola S1 Air

    I could not be more pleased with my Ola S1 Air. Every ride becomes a statement about our planet enlivened with forward thinking engineering and design. This electric scooter with top grade features like cruise control keyless entry and the absence of a conventional gearbox is a joy to experience. As an owner I take pride in promoting a greener cleaner tomorrow. The scooter is thrillingly fast and smooth to operate and its low running costs are a major plus point. The Ola S1 Air is the perfect marriage of sustainability and style and her eco friendly personality is irresistible.

  • Smartest and Reasonable E-Scooter

    An incredible electric scooter for city commuting. the Ola S1 Air that has a sleek and modern design exhibits a flat floorboard and a spacious boot. The experience is dynamic and steady at top speed of 95kmph and range of 85-165km. The features are of high-level, like the 7-inch touchscreen, voice control, the reverse mode, and an anti-theft system. The ride is comfortable, with an adjustable telescopic fork and twin shocks. The price is reasonable, the Ola S1 Air is undoubtedly one of the smartest and environmental friendly options for the future of mobility.

  • The Urban Companion

    Ola S1 Air is put out as an urban friend, which hone the way through city shuffling with assistance and fabulousness. Steep design, electric powertrain and commuter friendly features that this scooter embodies clearly signifies the promise of Ola to bring out a life altering embrace for it. This scooter allows having a spectacular and aerodynamic look, bringing with it also the silence of an ideal journey. Ola’s S1 Air is primarily intended to be a scooter that sweats maneuverability well; but it also gets other things right, notably heavy lifts lightweight build and urban sports car attitude. Traveling by Ola S1 Air is not just moving from Point A to B, but it an urban and eco- friendly trip awaits the user in a trail-blazer world of electric scooters.

  • Breath of Fresh Innovation in Electric Scooters

    The Ola S1 Air brings out the future of e-scooter with and renders fascinating engineering with a height of environmental integrity. With slim lines, stylish accents, and a glowing LED headlamp, the vehicle embodies an avant-garde template for the new era of city transportation. The S1 Air, connected to an electric motor, enables silent emission-free riding emblematic of the low carbon next gen mobility path Ola is committed to in the future of road transport along with the specifics such as digital instrument cluster, cloud connectivity and removable battery technology leading to a new change in the way people travel using an electric scooter. Its agile manoeuvring and thirst for speed complement its dash to appeal. Ola S1 Air is a very positive novelty in the electric scooter market, which makes life for the vehicle driver in an urban environment easier with the environmentally beneficial option.

  • Ola S1 Air Airy Commute, Ola Electric Thrills.

    With the Ola S1 Air electric scooter, my can swap with a feeling of solidness and enjoy the thrills of electric Power. It takes More distant than exclusively getting where my are going with this electric caution. It's each around serving it in the light, comfortable comfort that comes with every electricride. Every electric commute is an suggestion of Ola's fidelity to give a affable and stirring riding experience that Smoothly combines gossamer comfort with the electric thrills of the Ola S1 series thanks to the S1 Air's streamlined Design and slice- bite technologies. It goes beyond a scooter. It reflects Ola's eHeroon of an electric future in which the thrilling electric gests of the S1 Air attend with breezy commuting.

  • Breath of Fresh Innovation in Electric Mobility

    The Ola S1 Air stands out as a breath of fresh air in the e-scooter segment, blending contemporary design with advanced technology. Its contemporary look, characterized by clean lines and bold colors, places it apart in the electric scooter segment. Electric motor driven, the S1 Air is a clean and efficient ride and quite a breeze for urban commuting.Featuring a host of smart functions which include connectivity options and digital display, the S1 Air is not just a scooter but a tech-freak partner for the modern riders. The Ola S1 Air, with its focus on sustainability, innovation & user-friendliness, redefines urban mobility through electric scooters. It is a giant leap.

  • Stylish Electric Scooter

    Ola S1 Air is a brеath of frеsh air in thе еlеctric scootеr landscapе. With its slееk dеsign and еco-friеndly crеdеntials, it stands out. Thе powеrful motor еnsurеs swift accеlеration, making urban commuting a brееzе. Thе rеmovablе battеry is a gamе-changеr, offеring convеniеncе and flеxibility. Thе intuitivе digital display and smart fеaturеs еlеvatе thе riding еxpеriеncе. Howеvеr, thе lightwеight build might compromisе stability at highеr spееds. Ovеrall, thе Ola S1 Air imprеssеs with its grееn еthos, stylish appеal, and a promising stеp towards sustainablе, еfficiеnt mobility in thе city

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