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  • Classic Elegance with Modern Flares

    Ever since I got my Vespa VXL 125, each ride has felt somewhat like a parade. This scooter does not just get you from point A to B, it does so with an unmatched style. The glossy paint, rounded mirrors and stylish finish capture everyone's attention. The performance is reliable with a 125 cc engine that offers smooth acceleration and achieves a mileage of about 45 kmpl.On the downside, the Vespa VXL 125 could improve its seat comfort it feels a little stiff during longer rides.

  • not to be settling for less

    My Vespa VXL 125 is a stylish and practical option in the 125cc scooter segment, offering a blend of classic Vespa design with modern features at a slightly more affordable price point. It is a partner of my father since 1 year . It has a 124.45cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The VXL 125 features the classic Vespa design with a rounded headlight, chrome accents, a comfortable seat. ABS is not available on any variant of the VXL 125 which is a major concern for safety .

  • Good pickup and different look

    It is a fashion icon scooter and is a very nice scooter with great pickup and the power in this scooter is also good. The space in this scooter is very good and is also comfortable scooter but the parts are not available everywhere. The smoothness of this scooter is very good without any vibration and the ride quality is good but the price is high. It gives a very different feeling to drive this scooter and the stability of this scooter is good but the suspension is hard.

  • This scooter stands out with its elegant design

    I have been riding the Vespa VXL 125 for a few months and it is very easy to handle. This scooter stands out with its elegant design and the smooth curves which encapsulate the classic Italian style. Equipped with a 125cc engine, it mirrors the power output of the SXL model providing sufficient thrust for roaming through traffic.Handling is a high point, courtesy of its well designed front suspension and sturdy rear. The braking with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, instills confidencenspecially in sudden stop scenarios.

  • Good choice for Vespa lovers

    The Vespa VXL 125 represents all that is classic, refined, and balanced with its style The extra complications like premium alloy wheels, front disc brakes and retro styling often are very popular. Good to buy this.

  • Years ago I had a Vespa NV

    Years ago i had a vespa nv scooter which i used extensively.

  • 3.0
    Dealer nearby1you

    I am a vespa owner for the past three months in kochi and i have to say that the after sales services provided1by vespa and aprilia dealer is nowhere near to even the standards of honda or hero scooter services.My scooter1had major electrical issues from the factory and died completely while on road during a christmas1midnight.Then i had to push the scooter all the way to my home and called road side assistance in the morning1and they came and took the scooter to the service centre and i picked it up two days later with the rear1number plate dented and scratched.Again the same electrical issue happened and this time i met with an1accident as a result of it.After questioning them their quality of services and expressing my frustration of1spending 1.4 lakhs on a scooter that constantly breaks down, They agreed to look into it thoroughly and they replaced1the complete fly wheel magneto assembly.I reported the same to vespa customer care and till now, I have not1received a follow up call from them.As a result of the accident, My brand new scooter has scratches on its1body and when i asked them to fix it as it was not caused due to my negligence, They just painted the centre1stand after i insisted a lot and said that the rest of the scratches are negligible.As i didn't have time to1spare behind this vehicle anymore, I just left it as it is and is thinking of fixing it under insurance1later.I have to say that any people looking forward to buying aprilia or vespa must make sure that the dealer1who services your vehicle has a good reputation and is committed.I had a small talk with the new customers of1vespa and aprilia and have come to know that some are facing electrical issues with the vehicle.So, Please1research well before spending such a huge amount of money.Even though i am a vespa owner, I don't find it1worth spending so much considering its low mileage, Dearer spare parts and low quality after sales service.I1would personally not recommend any of their scooters to my dear and near ones as a person who is using it1daily.The electrical issue that i had come across is just one among all the issues that i have faced since1purchase.The other issues include, Engine oil leak from drain bolt and engine oil filler cap after first1service due to failure to replace the respective gaskets, Water ingression in rear left indicator due to a1broken indicator assembly from factory which i fixed using araldite and ignition coil fault that caused1frequent ignition failures.All these have happened only within the second service of this scooter and i feel1like selling this scooter off as soon as possible but is still holding onto it because of the huge amount of1money that i have spent on it.So, Please verify with anyone whom you know have purchased from a dealer nearby1you before spending such a large amount.If you have no sources then, At least check for google reviews and1read all reviews carefully.Please, I have suffered a lot and now i don't want anybody else falling unknowingly1into their 'premium experience' tagline.So, Kindly research a lot and invest your hard earned money wisely.

  • Timeless Elegance, Modern Performance

    While the Vespa VXL 125 radiates with classical Italian elegance embodying an everlasting sense of style, at the same time, the vehicle provides exciting modern performance that perfectly reflects its Italian origins. Its classical and uniquely aggregate look that includes pleasant and sleek body, bulb heads-lights as well as chrome metal embellishments, reveals aristocratic and other qualities when the car is being driven on roads. The 125cc powerplant has been well-tuned to deliver superior riding experience in the city. It blends performance and power to make you enjoy its smooth and responsive performance as you go about the city. Not only riding It is noteworthy that the VXL 125 models sit rider that provides an excellent upright posture for the rider and spacious leg room. This makes the model of VXL 125 my preferred choice for longer trips.

  • Modern Sophistication

    The Vespa VXL 125 is the meaning of immortal polish and current style riding! The VXL 125 brags of its amazing bends, premium chrome features, and recognizing front grille that inspires immortal yet present-day style. Refined at its power-driven motor of 125cc, its perfection brings fast productivity as a favored method for metropolitan vehicles. City roads will cause you to partake in all of riding on your bikes since its suspension is painstakingly made and situates are very agreeable. The extravagance bicycle is fitted with contemporary elements that do it right. These incorporate a trendy round headlamp and a semi-computerized instrument group. Moreover, it obliges riders with a preference for a top-notch feel and look on the bicycles.

  • Elegance, 125 Majesty.

    There is Moreover to my Vespa VXL 125ride than Clearly getting to work. It's a ultramodern interpretation that exudes a dateless fineness. my can exercise this scooter for More distant than Clearly megacity transportation. It's around serving consequently while combining the dateless fetish of the Vespa with the ultramodern interpretation of the VXL 125. Vespa's devotion to dateless Design shines through in every Cityride because of the scooter's dateless appearance and indefectible interpretation. It's More distant than Clearly a scooter. It's a incarnation of a rider's passion for traditional Design, icing that the interpretation and Trend of the VXL 125 are paralleled with every City adventure.

  • VXL 125 User Reviews

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