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Suzuki Gixxer 250
Suzuki Gixxer 250
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Suzuki Gixxer 250 User Reviews

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  • A promising ride every time

    Precisely aiming for better commutes, the Suzuki Gixxer 250 is a perfect offer for all your dreamlist ventures. I have added this to my all purpose trips for easier, more fun and thrilling journeys ever. Available at just your budget range, it is my top recommendations to all the bike enthusiasts out there to go and grab this amazing two wheeler model. You will be surprised to know that this model is powered by a powerful engine and absolutely providing a very good mileage and good ground clearance too.

  • 4.2
    Great Experience

    I've possessed this bike since 2022. The riding experience is superb, with smooth gear shifting and the ability to reach speeds of 190+. The mileage is satisfactory, achieving over 30 in city conditions. Extremely pleased with this powerful bike.

  • Gixxer Power, Street Agility.

    My Suzuki Gixxer 250ride is More distant than Clearly a means of mobility. It's veritably important and has uncorked Gixxer interpretation. This sportbike isn't exclusively for exchanging. The Gixxer series is famed for its forcefulness and capacity to complete tasks with a touch of Power. The Gixxer 250's important Design and effective interpretation make everyride a proclamation of sportbike distinction. It's not Clearly a bike. It embodies the rider's want for a roVehiclet everydayride, icing that every twist of the throttle produces the interpretation and faculty for which the Gixxer 250 is famed.

  • Smooth power

    The Suzuki Gixxer 250 is a fantastic option and the style is really appealing and comes with a powerful braking system and quite wide tyres. We can ride this bike stress free for the entire day and provides a smooth power delivery system and an elegant engine. However, there is a little windscreen and the back seat is uncomfortable but for many folks, this bike is an excellent option. This bike comes with a friendly riding position and an aggressive cornering style and their engine provides performance and fuel efficiency in this market and has a tonne of modern features.

  • 4.2
    Best bike in this

    Best bike in this segment.If you want a good bike and you are superbike lover then just go for it.It will give you around 30-40 km mileage depends on your driving.

  • My Experience

    Hi, guys I personally own a Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 and I am very much glad. I was having choices like RR 310 and SF when I was in the thought of a bike. Ease of acceptability and comfort in the sense of both rider and pillion made me take this machine and up to now this machine never disappointed me. As of my experience cruising speed is around 90-120kmph and I have clocked a max speed of 153kmph. Good torque delivery gives a nice experience at a lower speed. Handling is good and power delivery is linear which makes this bike good for beginners also. Heat management is absolutely good, Thanks to socs, Patented technology used by Suzuki over this bike which reduces bike weight also by the absence of a radiator. Overall this machine is a good sports tourer in this segment. Real worth for what you pay. Braking bite is good. And never let you compromise with any bike under the 250 segments. Mileage is around 35-38kmpl which is top in this segment. Pickup is good in the first three gears and 4, 5, and 6 are for cruising. Maintaining the correct gear at the correct speed is important. The ride is good in the 7000-8000 rpm range, with No vibration at all. The tank range is also good making this one a perfect choice for those who are in need of a sports tourer. Talking about service, Service cost is not so high and maintenance cost is also less. All you have to maintain the chain well. All over this is a Japanese-made one from the most trusted brand "Suzuki" so you will get to know the refinement and built quality, however. So in a conclusion, if you are in a search of sports tourer in the quarter litter segment this one will be a perfect choice.

  • civic environs likewise

    The Suzuki Gixxer 250 emerges as a noble contender within the 250cc motorcycle member, seamlessly mixing together interpretation prowess and visual supplication. With its dynamic project language, represented by satiny silhouettes and an athletic posture, the Gixxer 250 commands concentration painlessly. Powered by a robust 249cc machine, the motorcycle competently balances authority affair and energy effectiveness, delivering it able for both diurnal commutes and spirited junkets. Riders are treated to an ergonomically accommodating station that harmonizes seamlessly with the bike's sharp maneuvering capabilities. The suspense configuration, strictly calibrated for dexterity, ensures a confident lift through arches and civic environs likewise.

  • Comes with touring capabilities

    The Suzuki Gixxer 250 flawlessly combines style and translation, interesting to both the suckers and diurnal workers. Its elegant undertaking and instructing stance easily draw in fixation, while the 250cc trickster offers a lively understanding capable of city byways and open streets. The sharp running guarantees the capability to move through business and thrilling columns. The unintentional advanced instrument bundle upgrades the allure, conveying essential information with lucidity. by the by, a few riders could recognize the seat's genuinely firm demeanor during delayed peregrinations. In its entirety, the Gixxer 250 stands as a wonderful freedom, encapsulating a powerful lift without compromising visual allure.

  • Twisting roads

    "a powerful and comfortable road motorcycle, The suzuki gixxer 250 is designed for riders who value an exhilarating riding experience on major thoroughfares and twisting roads.It distinguishes itself as a spirited liberty with its ambitious styling and significant interpretation.The gixxer 250 is capable of both civic commuting and spirited lifting because to its responsive and high-interpretation machine, Which also gives emotive authority and acceleration.Riders enjoy the relaxed and focused position that the riding style provides for accurate control and projection.The suspension system and retardation technology on the motorcycle guarantee stability and assured operation.".

  • Where Performance Meets Precision

    The Suzuki Gixxer 250 stands as a dynamic and nimble motorcycle, finely balancing power and perfection. Driven by a responsive 249cc machine, it delivers exhilarating performance while maintaining emotional energy effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for riders who demand both speed and frugality. What truly distinguishes the Gixxer 250 is its sharp and dégagé design, boasting aggressive lines, a robust tank, and an assertive station. The comfortable seating and upright riding position render it protean for both diurnal commutes and spirited lifts. Safety is consummate with frontal and hinder slice thickets , breeding confidence in colorful riding conditions.

  • Gixxer 250 User Reviews

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