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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650
Royal Enfield Shotgun 650
Rs. 3.73 Lakh
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  • adding beauty to every ride

    The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is a new middleweight bike. It is a stylish and powerful cruiser for city riding and occasional highway riding . The price of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 starts from around Rs. 3.59 lakh which has a very high price.

  • A Smooth Cruiser with Quirks

    After longing for a powerful cruiser, I went ahead and purchased the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650. This beast of a bike, with its 648 cc parallel twin engine, roars to life with a charisma that turns heads. The engine's 47 horsepower makes highway cruising an absolute joy and the bike's torque heavy nature means you are never wanting for power.The Shotgun 650's design exudes a modern classic vibe, standing out in any crowd. However, the bike's weight at around 205 kg, can be a bit uneasy to handle in heavy traffic or tight spaces.

  • adding beauty to every ride

    Royal Enfield shoutgun 650 will family member. I think that it will comes in 600 cc segment as they are focusing in that segment nowdays . I am waiting for this bike as the news from the articles i read it will be the beast it this segment . Its fuel efficiency will be low so make your pockets tiight to invest money in petrol

  • 4.2
    Shot Experience the ideal

    Bullet shotgun like the monster machine in hand.Experience the ideal combination of coincidental power and quaint heritage with the royal enfield shotgun 650.This fabulous 2 wheeler honors its history while furnishing ultramodern riders with bettered performance.Every trip is made smoother and further thrilling with the shotgun 650's strong 650cc machine and super styling.With every twist of the throttle, This bike offers advanced power and performance, Whether i am speeding down a wide road and mooching through narrow pastoral roads.Prepare to enjoy the royal enfield shotgun 650 the finest of both worlds.

  • Most powerful bike

    This bike is highly comfortable also on the bad roads and the main reason to buy this bike is the high powerful engine with smooth performance and is very quick with the excellent sound of this bike but the clutch is on the heavy side. The mileage it gives is around 22 to 30 kmpl and with handling it is a fun bike and on the highway it performs very impressive but is not for great commuter bike. The braking is pretty good and powerful and it stand for style with nice engine and is a comfortable bike with good practicality.

  • 5.0
    Title: Unleash Your Inner

    As someone who appreciates the thrill of the open road and the power of a classic bike, I recently had the opportunity to test ride the royal enfield shotgun 650 – and let me tell you, It’s an absolute beast of a machine.First and foremost, The design of the royal enfield shotgun 650 is a true nod to the vintage british motorcycles that once ruled the roads.The combination of its muscular fuel tank, Timeless curves, And attention to detail makes it an instant head-turner.Every part of this bike screams character and craftsmanship, From the retro-inspired round headlamp to the classic twin exhausts.It's a stunning piece of engineering that blends vintage aesthetics with modern functionality seamlessly.But it's not just about the looks; the performance of the royal enfield shotgun 650 matches its captivating design.Powered by a 648cc parallel-twin engine, This bike offers a potent ride that truly makes you feel alive.The engine delivers a healthy dose of torque throughout its rev range, Providing an exhilarating experience whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating twisty country roads.The engine note is pure music to the ears, Giving you an audible reminder of the machine's raw power.What sets the royal enfield shotgun 650 apart is its well-balanced ride and handling characteristics.The chassis offers a comfortable and confidence-inspiring riding position that allows you to effortlessly tackle long rides or spirited jaunts through your favourite twisties.The suspension setup provides a plush ride without compromising the bike's stable feel on the road.Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycles, The shotgun 650 handles like a dream, Making it accessible for riders of all skill levels.When it comes to practicality, The royal enfield shotgun 650 doesn't disappoint.It features a spacious seat that comfortably accommodates both the rider and pillion, Making it suitable for long journeys.Additionally, The bike provides a decent amount of storage space, Allowing you to carry essential belongings or even a weekend getaway bag.The inclusion of modern conveniences like an lcd instrument cluster and led lighting adds to the overall appeal of this classic machine.Another noteworthy aspect of the royal enfield shotgun 650 is its reliability.Known for their robustness, Royal enfield motorcycles are built to withstand the test of time, And the shotgun 650 is no exception.With regular maintenance and care, This bike is bound to be your faithful companion for many years to come.In conclusion, The royal enfield shotgun 650 is an extraordinary motorcycle that brings together the charm of yesteryear with modern performance.Its stunning design, Powerful engine, And solid build quality make it a head-turner on the streets.Whether you're a seasoned rider craving a classic yet dynamic ride or someone looking to make a bold statement, The shotgun 650 won't disappoint.Prepare to unleash your inner rebel and experience the true freedom of the road with this extraordinary machine.

  • Front fender

    The royal enfield shotgun 650 is the ultimate bike for those who demand power, Style, And performance.With its striking design elements like the single floating hand-stitched seat, The short tubular handlebar, And chunky tires, This bike is a real head-turner.The chopped rear and front fender only add to its bold and aggressive look.The retro aluminium finish at the front combined with the modern digital graphics on the fuel tank is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles.The tear-drop-shaped fuel tank with auxiliary lights mounted on the leg guards, And circular lighting elements with an led headlamp make this bike a true standout.I am eagerly waiting for this bike to launch, And i am quite certain that it will be a huge success.The production-spec version may differ, But i am confident that it will retain the essence of the design.With its powerful engine and sleek design, The royal enfield shotgun 650 will be the perfect bike for those who demand nothing but the best.As for the price, I am willing to pay anything between ₹3-3.5 lakhs for this beauty.Trust me, Once you see this bike in person, You won't be able to resist its charm!.

  • Riding with Power: Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

    Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 encases iconic American heritage through retro-stylized design and attractive feel. Fitted with a 650cc engine, it finds its strength in urban as well as inter-city roads. Moreover, it offers fantastic acceleration and steering feel with responsive “no-thought” shifting patterns. Besides comfortable seats and smooth rides, it can be used for both long way and everyday commute. The premium features like dual-channel brakes with ABS and twin exhaust are undoubtedly the attraction of this cruiser motorbike, which at the same time try to retain the timeless the classic look of cruiser motorcycles. The styling of this motorcycle, defining its pedigree and heritage. Nevertheless, its weight and broad standing function may imply difficulties in the face of city traffic. In spite of it, it is a rugged and stylish cruiser delivering the spirit of emotions of freedom and adventure.

  • Cruiser Majesty Unleashed

    The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 brings cruiser majesty out onto the open roads with its bold design and strong performance in the 650cc class of cruising motorcycles. And the Shotgun 650 with its laid-back cruiser styling, powerful parallel twin engine and modern features is symbolic of Royal Enfield’s dedication to offering a commanding exciting ride. 6-speed gearbox mated with the potent and refined air-cooled parallel twin engine makes it a great choice for riders looking to combine power and style. Royal Enfield has designed the Shotgun 650 thoughtfully, this motorcycle features like a comfortable stepped seat and dual exhausts as features; not only does it dominate the highways but also becomes a ruler in every ride. This Shotgun 650 is not just a covering of distances; it’s the feeling that describes its main characteristic – power cruising in two-wheels.

  • Strictest sense

    I've been tearing up the tarmac on the royal enfield shotgun 650, And let me tell you, It's a head-turner.Sure, It ain't a cruiser in the strictest sense, But that 650cc thumper packs a punch, Zipping from 0-100 in a breezy 6.5 seconds.Mileage hovers around 25-30 kmpl, Decent for its muscle.Handling's surprisingly nimble, Thanks to the smaller front wheel and punchy torque.Lean too hard, Though, And those mid-set pegs scrape.Build quality feels solid, With nice attention to detail.Service costs? well, It's a royal enfield, So parts are affordable, And the engine's pretty damn reliable.Verdict? a blast for the buck, This shotgun.It's got character, Performance, And a price tag that won't leave you shell-shocked.Just watch your cornering angles!.

  • Shotgun 650 User Reviews

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