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Bajaj Pulsar 125
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  • I have Pular 125cc carbon

    I have pulsar 125cc carbon edition.Its look very stunning and vary smooth to ride.

  • Very nice looking so beautiful

    Very nice looking so beautiful and cute.This bike is very good but i iam on leave today.

  • Overall Good Bike With Low Maintenance

    An ideal blend of power and viability the Pulsar 125 is a certified showing of the significance of Bajaj's ability to plan. As a vigorous bike fan, I got the opportunity to test ride the Pulsar 125, And I ought to say, I was amazed. This bike is an optimal blend of power, Capability, And style, Making it an ideal choice for the two amateurs and experienced riders. One of the most striking pieces of the Pulsar 125 is its arrangement. The awesomeness is top-notch, And the structure quality feels solid, Ensuring an intense and strong machine. Concerning execution, The Pulsar 125 doesn't dispirit

  • 4.2
    125 cc best and smooth bike

    125 cc best and smooth bike full road grip bike and smooth engine pickup is awesome value for mony bike

  • My favourite bike

    It was my first bike I got it in November 2021 after my preboards as it was in my budget and also my choice as it meets my needs and expectations it gives a thriller experience while riding and a feel of being cool among friends. It is a very smooths and comfortable bike which is excites me as a rider. It has 125 engine display 5 speed gear box tubeless tyres. It provides max power of 8500rpm which is good.it is a mid-range bike which come for about 1 lakh in India. Mileage of this bike is 50 kmpl.

  • 5.0
    City traffic

    Driving experience: the pulsar 125cc offers a delightful riding experience.Its lightweight frame and comfortable seating make it easy to handle in city traffic.The bike's nimbleness is complemented by a smooth gearbox, Making gear shifts effortless.However, The suspension can be a bit stiff on uneven roads.Mileage:one of the standout features of the pulsar 125cc is its excellent mileage.It's a fuel-efficient bike, Ideal for daily commuting.On average, You can expect around 50-55 kilometers per liter, Making it pocket-friendly.Pickup:the bike's 125cc engine provides decent pickup.It's not the fastest in its category but performs well in city conditions.It accelerates smoothly and is suitable for short sprints.Service cost:maintenance costs for the pulsar 125cc are reasonable.Regular servicing doesn't burn a hole in your wallet.Spare parts are widely available and affordable, Contributing to its cost-effectiveness.Engine performance:the engine's performance is satisfactory for everyday use.It's reliable and doesn't give much trouble.However, For those seeking high-speed thrills, It might leave you wanting more power.Build quality:the build quality of the pulsar 125cc is decent but not exceptional.While it's durable, Some parts can feel a bit plasticky.It's essential to take good care of the bike to ensure it stays in top shape.In conclusion, The pulsar 125cc is a practical and fuel-efficient choice for daily commuting.It offers a comfortable ride, Good mileage, And reasonable service costs.While it may not be a powerhouse in terms of performance, It's a dependable option for those looking for a budget-friendly ride in the 125cc category.

  • an exceptional option

    Bajaj's Pulsar 125 emerges as an exceptional option in the entry- position sports commuter order. The 125cc machine strikes an emotional equilibrium between power and energy effectiveness, rendering it an ideal selection for civic lifts. The design language seamlessly inherits the hand Pulsar aesthetics, marked by dynamic silhouettes and an assertive station. The ergonomic riding posture and nimble project combine to offer an alluring experience for both megacity commutes and occasional raids onto the open road. While it may not match the energy of its larger Pulsar counterparts, the Pulsar 125 further than compensates through its cost- effectiveness, making it an infectious choice for suckers seeking a emulsion of panache, performance, and practicality.

  • running and ensures a plush lift.

    The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a motorcycle that consummately blends aesthetics with frugality, standing out as the top choice for riders seeking an introductory sports bike. Its design is truly exceptional, as the Pulsar 125 emanates a dégagé and commanding presence, setting it distinctly piecemeal from other bikes in its order. Beneath its satiny surface, the Pulsar 125 boasts a124.4 cc machine that delivers exceptional performance while maintaining outstanding energy effectiveness. Be it weaving through civic business or conquering the open road, this motorcycle offers precise running and ensures a plush lift.

  • seeking a versatile daily commuter.

    The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is an entry-level performance bike that pleasantly surprised me. Its 124.4-cc engine delivers a good balance of power and fuel efficiency. The bike's sporty design, sharp graphics, and comfortable seating make it an attractive choice. The Pulsar 125's nimble handling, responsive brakes, and comfortable suspension ensure a confident ride. Whether in city traffic or on the highway, it handles well and offers a comfortable experience. It's a great option for those stepping into the world of performance biking or seeking a versatile daily commuter.


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