Aprilia SR150 Race: What's New?

We know that the newly-launched SR 150 Race is a sportier version of the Aprilia SR 150 which itself is the sportiest scooter made in India. And it is not just upgraded cosmetically, the bike receives under-the-skin upgrades as well. Here's what we know so far.








The bike now gets a new Maze grey colour which is finished in a glossy shade as opposed to the White/Black matt finish on the SR 150. The new sporty graphics imitate the Aprilia RS-GP - Aprilia's Moto GP bike. The wheels and rear damper are painted in a glossy red while the front disc calliper is finished in gold colour. The rest of the body panels and instrumentation remain the same. The cycle parts to remain unchanged.


The 154cc air-cooled single retains the same state of tune and still produces 10.4PS and 11Nm of torque. The CVT gearbox meanwhile gets different ratios that promise to improve acceleration. As a CVT gearbox has infinite ratios, we expect top-speed to remain unchanged though fuel efficiency might drop down a bit.







Race kit:

Now here is the interesting part. Aprilia could have fitted the SR 150 Race with a tuned performance exhaust that besides sounding purposeful,  potentially liberates 1-2PS of power but can not do so owing to noise regulations. To get around this, they will be introducing a track-only race kit that will include the exhaust and can be fitted to the bike at an Aprilia dealership. Yamaha had also introduced a similar performance kit for the R15 v1.0 which included a tuned Dragex exhaust. Being a company performance part, it should not void the warranty of the bike. Also, we expect the track-only race kit to include a performance air filter and a slotted front disc which was shown in the pre-production model. With the kit, the bike could push close to 12PS and that should mean some serious performance. The kit is expected to cost between Rs 3,000-5,000 but being a track-only kit, will not be road legal.








The Aprilia SR 150 Race is priced at Rs 70,061 (ex-showroom Pune) which is Rs 3,500 more and excludes the race kit. We will be riding the bike on Monday, the 13th of February. Stay tuned for more updates and a ride review. 

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