Mercedes-Benz EQC EV And Its AMG Cousins At LA Show They Are Ready For An Electrified Future

Three new SUVs were launched by Mercedes-Benz at the show, another one is coming up

  • Mercedes has globally launched the AMG GLE 63 and the AMG GLS 63 performance SUVs.
  • The EQC electric vehicle (EV) will go on sale early next year in the US.
  • The two AMG cars will share the same mild-hybrid drivetrain.
  • The Mercedes-Maybach GLS-Class SUV will debut tomorrow at Auto Guangzhou 2019.

The world is richer for three new luxurious sport utility vehicles (SUVs). At the 2019 LA Auto Show yesterday, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the EQC 400 4Matic electric vehicle (EV) in addition to the 2021 AMG GLS 63 and 2021 AMG GLE 63. The launch event comes just a few hours ahead of the debut of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS luxury SUV in China. The SUVs were launched globally, so there’s a chance they may soon come to our shores, too. The EQC, GLS 63, and GLE63 were launched globally, so there’s a chance we might see them in India next year. Prices in the United States were announced for the EQC, and will start from USD 67,900 (Rs 48.75 lakh) when the car goes on sale in the US early next year. Prices for the AMG SUVs were not announced.

The EQC electric SUV is powered by two motors, one at each axle. Mercedes says that the fore axle motor is for efficiency and the aft is for performance. Together, they make 508PS and 761Nm of torque. Mercedes hasn’t announced weight figures, but a claimed 0-60mph (~100kmph) time of 4.8 seconds is quick enough for a luxury barge. Surprisingly, Mercedes didn’t quote any range figures, though we do know the battery size -- 80kWh. Charging time from 10 to 100 per cent with a 240-volt, 32A charger is 10 hours. 10 to 80 per cent with a 110kW fast charger takes a claimed 40 minutes. The EV will be available in three trim levels -- Progressive, Premium, and Advanced. Car-to-x communication and a suite of driver assistance technologies including predictive speed adjustment will be available on the EQC 400 4Matic.

For a few hours, the AMG GLS 63 is Mercedes’ flagship SUV. The show car at LA wore massive blacked-out wheels, though they will probably be an option since the pictures released show different wheels. The GLS 63 gets a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine which makes the AMG E63 S-matching 611PS of power and 850Nm of torque. An EQ Boost starter-generator running on a 48-volt electrical system adds 21PS and 250Nm to those numbers. That’s an incredible 1100Nm of torque! The electric motor sits between the combustion engine and an AMG Speedtronic 9-speed torque converter. The company estimates that the GLS 63 will get to 60mph (96.5kmph) in 4.1 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 280kmph. US prices start at USD 126,150 (Rs 90.55 lakh)for the pre-facelift model, though the new one, with its mild-hybrid system, is sure to be priced higher.

Mercedes has put the same powertrain, in the same state of tune, in the AMG GLE 63 SUV. But the GLE is lighter and smaller than its GLS cousin, so Mercedes estimates it is even quicker. 3.7 seconds to 60mph makes this just a tad faster than the much more expensive Bentley Bentayga, although 0.2 seconds slower than the 717PS Jeep Trackhawk. We can’t wait for it to hit the track, since it also has torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive and air suspension with adaptive damping. The pre-facelift model is listed in the US at a starting price of USD 110,000 (Rs 78.95 lakh). Expect a much higher price if the same SUV comes to India, but the mild hybrid tech would offset the on-road price by a bit.

The updated models are special in their own unique ways -- the EQC in its technological prowess, and the mild hybrid performance SUVs in their heaps of torque and actively-controlled dynamics. Mercedes has a busy day ahead of it as the next launch is the hotly anticipated Maybach GLS SUV.

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