Now Track Your Car With An Apple iPhone And An AirTag

Apple’s most affordable gadget is priced at Rs 3,900

Apple has just launched its cheapest gadget ever: a handy tracker that can be used for your cars or bikes. Dubbed the AirTag, it is a simple disc-shaped tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and an Apple-claimed year-long battery life. Though Apple says it's useful to find keys and other electronic devices, it can also be used to track your car. Let us explain.  

Using the AirTag is simple. You can pair it with your iPhone and track objects using the Find My app. If the tracker is within Bluetooth range, a sound is played through its in-built speakers to help you locate the object. If it isn’t within Bluetooth range, information on the tracker's whereabouts will be relayed to the owner via any other iPhones using the Find My app in the vicinity of the tracker's Bluetooth range. So, basically, you can leave this device in your car’s glove box (or keep it hidden) and track it using your iPhone if it is in the range of other iPhones using the Find My app. This would be helpful, especially in case of an unfortunate theft. You also won’t have to depend on your central locking beep to find your car in a crowded parking lot.  

However, there are some drawbacks to the AirTag. It is only compatible with Iphones. The most an Android phone user can do, is use NFC with the tracker to access a website with the details of the owner. Another disadvantage is it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery. Instead, it uses a replaceable CR2032 battery which costs as low as Rs 30 per unit. Also, unlike cars with pre-installed connected car tech, you can’t immobilise your car. This would involve a GTA-like chase where you use a blip on a map to find your car.

This isn't exactly new, though, with similar trackers already available in the market. The most notable manufacturer of such devices is Tile, which offers multiple options within the same price range. Tile has accused Apple of non-professional practices such as reducing the compatibility of Tile devices with Apple products as well as removing its products from Apple stores.

Apple’s most affordable gadget, the AirTag, will cost you Rs 3,900 for a single unit and Rs 10,900 for a pack of four.




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