BMW G 310 R BS6 vs G 310 R BS4: Performance Numbers Explained

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  • Dec 1, 2020
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Have strict emission norms robbed the baby Beemer of its performance?


The BS6 BMW G 310 R feels a lot more refined, easier to ride and offers more bang for your buck thanks to the lowered price tag. However, it does trade some of its performance for greener emissions. Here’s how the BS6 model compares to the BS4 bike. 




BMW G 310 R BS6

BMW G 310 R BS4


3.29 seconds

3.07 seconds


8.01 seconds

7.47 seconds

In our acceleration runs, the BS6 Beemer turned out to be almost half a second slower from 0-100kmph compared to the BS4 G 310 R. What robs the BS6 model of its performance is a larger catalytic converter and the retuned ECU, as is the case with all BS6 bikes. In a nutshell, the engine feels a bit restrained power-wise. 




BMW G 310 R BS6

BMW G 310 R BS4

30-70kmph in 3rd gear

4.05 seconds

3.53 seconds

40-80kmph in 4th gear

5.21 seconds

4.51 seconds

There’s a minor dip in the bike’s mid-range performance as well. It’s almost half a second slower from 30-70kmph and takes 0.7 seconds to roll on from 40-80kmph. Having said that, you don’t really feel the difference while out on the road. The G 310 R still feels livelier and a lot more refined than the outgoing model. 




BMW G 310 R BS6

BMW G 310 R BS4







The BS6 Beemer may be slightly slower in the straights but improves in other areas like braking. The revised braking setup works much better than before and offers better feel, progression and feedback. The marginally improved braking numbers, though, don’t justify just how good the brakes are, and this is down to the lack of grip from the tyres. The Michelin Pilot Street tyres simply fail to inspire confidence under hard braking.


Fuel efficiency


BMW G 310 R BS6

BMW G 310 R BS4







Range (11-litres)

433km approx.

407km approx.

BMW G 310 R BS6 vs G 310 R BS4: Performance Numbers Explained

The slightly restricted engine on the BS6 G 310 R has its perks. It delivers better fuel efficiency, both in the city and out on the highway. If you exercise a bit of control on your right wrist, you might extract a range of almost 433km on a full tank, a noticeable improvement over the BS4 bike.

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