3 Things To Know About Lamborghini Aventador’s Successor, The 1,015PS Revuelto

  • Mar 30, 2023
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The Aventador’s successor carries the torch of the flagship Lamborghini and packs over 1,000PS from a screaming V12 and three electric motors

  • Lamborghini Revuelto, successor to the Aventador, revealed.
  • Takes styling cues from other raging bulls like the Centenario and Sian.
  • Packs a 6.5-litre V12 paired to three electric motors combining to produces 1015PS.
  • 0-100kmph comes up in 2.5 seconds, tops out at 349kmph.
  • It can be driven in pure electric mode for a range of up to 10km.

The start of a new era can be daunting, challenging and often comes with people criticising the changes that the new paradigm brings. And there has been a lot of chatter corresponding to Lamborghini’s new generation of cars, which as announced previously, will be doing away with their pure powertrains. But the first vehicle of the new era is here, and it has to bear a high set of expectations that it tries to match with its alluring design and jaw-dropping numbers, the latter of which don’t lie. 

Here are three things that you need to know about the Lamborghini Revuelto, successor to the Aventador:


In true Lamborghini fashion, the design has to be poster wall worthy, because if it isn’t, then it isn’t fit to be called a Lambo. But we reckon the Revuelto fits the bill quite well with its angular front end and sharp, edgy, but muscular panels. And although the design is all-new, Lamborghini connoisseurs will argue otherwise and they won’t be entirely wrong, as the car does borrow design cues from some of its stablemates.

For example, the Y-shaped LED DRLs that outline the headlight housing (above) and the gaping air dams (below), are actually inspired by the Lamborghini Sian. Then there are the LED taillights, which might not be quite as similar, but still are reminiscent of the ones on the Lamborghini Centenario.

While these elements might be similar, the way they have been incorporated on the supercar’s carbon-fibre chassis gives the Revuelto a unique identity. For example the triangular scoops on the hood, the sharp rear wheel arch that almost looks like an arrow, the high mounted trapezoidal exhausts, the U-shaped carbon-fibre engine deck lid and the massive carbon diffuser are all very cool touches. 

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Yes, it does get the butterfly doors as you’d expect from a Lamborghini flagship. And the pool of drools with the doors up is as big as an olympic-grade lido. Do you think the design is fitting for a successor to the Aventador? Let us know in the comments. But remember, this is just the first Revuelto iteration and there are gonna be S, SV, SVJ and so on to come, which will further make the design even madder. 


The cabin of the Revuelto is a rather familiar place to be in. The steering, although very familiar, looks chunked down in comparison to the Aventador. It has numerous rotary switches that control the hybrid system, drive modes and the angle of attack of the rear wing. The use of digital screens is generous with there being a 12.3-inch instrument cluster for the driver, an 8.4-inch for the infotainment, and a 9.1-inch display for the passenger. Wonder from where Lambo got the idea of offering a display for the passenger? Hmmm…

Moving on, it still is a very supercar-like cabin at the end so don’t expect eight cup holders or massaging seats. But you do get a tad bit more space, thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase and roofline. The well-bolstered seats, scooped door cards and the raised centre tunnel (due to the lithium-ion battery) also help matters.


To the heart of the matter then. The powertrain is probably the most revolutionary bit on this new Lambo and that’s saying something, considering how radical everything is. The new powertrain, consisting of the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 that can rev to 9500rpm and three electric motors mark the dawn of a new era for the Italian marque's mainstream models.

The plug-in hybrid powertrain boasts a combined output of 1015 PS, which is sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed DCT. The e-motors get their juice from a 3.8-kWh lithium-ion battery situated in the tunnel in the center of the monocoque chassis.

The result? Nought to 100kmph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 349kmph. Neck snapping? You bet. Oh, and also, there are a total of 13 drive modes, one which includes an EV mode for pure electric drive, but the battery will only last for 10km.  So yeah, if you see a Lambo driving by you noiseless, don’t get surprised!

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The Lamborghini Revuelto has its work cut out in terms of filling the shoes of the car it replaces. It incorporates a new formula, one that is the present and will be part of the future as well. But will it be able to live up to the expectations? Only time will tell, but till then, initial impressions do look good on paper. We for one, can’t wait to see how this model progresses in the years to come. It’s going to be an exciting journey for sure and we can’t wait to see it on our roads soon enough, hopefully by the end of this year! 

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