Volkswagen Taigun And Virtus Gets New GT Variants, 1-litre Engine Now Available In GT Line

  • Mar 21, 2024
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The Taigun and Virtus’s GT variants are now divided into Chrome, Sport and Edge trims with differing looks

  • VW Taigun and Virtus’s GT variants are now split into three trims: Chrome, Sport and Edge

  • 1-litre turbo-petrol now available in the Sport GT Line variant

  • Sport and Edge is limited to the GT variants, while the Chrome trim is available across the lineup

  • New variants for the Taigun will launch next month.

  • Virtus GT Plus Sport is still a concept, launch in second half of 2024

Volkswagen’s annual press conference has once again teased us with some interesting news. This time around, it's not a new car launch, but new GT variants for the Virtus and Taigun. They are an extension of the already existing GT variants which are now categorised under Sport Chrome and Edge. All three get different colour treatment with blacked out inserts for the Sport trim, chrome inserts for the Chrome trim and exclusive hues for the Edge trims. Let’s take a closer look at these new variants:

Taigun and Virtus GT Plus Chrome

The Chrome treatment, available throughout the lineup, brings chrome inserts to the exterior of the Taigun. There are no blacked out headlights here, rather a lot of shiny chrome elements on the grille, bumper, roof rails and even the alloys. Basically, it’s the Taigun and Virtus we are already accustomed to seeing on our roads. 

In terms of powertrains, these Chrome trims can be had with the 1.5-litre turbo petrol in the GT Plus and GT variants, while the 1-litre turbo-petrol is reserved for the Topline, Highline and Comfortline variants.

Taigun and Virtus GT Sport

Previously, the GT moniker was limited to the 1.5-litre engines. But VW has now expanded the appeal of the GT variants by making the 1-litre turbo-petrol engine available with the GT Line under the Sport trim. 

The Sports trim brings blacked out elements to the headlights, grille, bumper, roof rails, red brake callipers and even all-black interiors with red contrast stitching, giving it a stealthy look. This treatment can be had with both 1.5-litre turbo-petrol in the GT Plus variants and the 1-litre turbo-petrol engines in the GT Line variants.

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The GT Line and GT Plus Sport variants get minor visual differences. While both get black treatment, the red inserts are limited to the Sport variants only. The GT Line only gets ‘GT Line’ badging on the fender and on the tailgate, but they do get an all-black cabin treatment with red inserts.

The Virtus GT Plus Sport gets the same treatment as the Taigun with black elements replacing the chrome inserts. However, the Virtus GT Plus Sport is still a concept and the launch of its production-spec is expected in the second half of 2024.

Taigun and Virtus GT Edge

The GT Edge treatment, available with both the Sport and Chrome trims, continues with its existing exclusive Matte Edition and Deep Black Pearl hue. These are available with both the engine options offered with the Taigun.

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We don’t expect a significant change in pricing when VW launches the new variants for the Taigun next month, given that these are more or less the same variants that are just categorised differently now with different cosmetic elements. However, the entry into the GT variants will now be more affordable, thanks to the 1-litre engine being available in the GT Line. 

As for the new Virtus GT variants, its launch is planned for the second half of this year. The Taigun is currently priced from Rs 11.69 lakh (ex-showroom), while the Virtus starts from Rs 11.55 lakh (ex-showroom).

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