BMW 7 Series Protection Makes Its Way To India For High-risk Individuals

  • Feb 12, 2024
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Bullets, snipers, bombs – this 7 Series Protection has the ability to withstand all these attacks

BMW has taken the vehicle protection game to the next level with their latest security vehicle. After the last generation of the 7 Series skipped out on the protection package, the guys at BMW took all that time to create something truly unique with the latest one. Meet the latest 7 Series Protection vehicle, which can now be yours here in India, for a price that only BMW will tell you if you’re keen. (We hear it’s in the ballpark of Rs 15 crore, though!). 

Things really are THAT secretive with the 7 Series Protection, but thankfully, we still know a thing or two about the vehicle and here are the highlights:

Disguise 101

The 7 Series Protection looks identical to its standard 7 Series version and that has been done on purpose. It’s probably better to camouflage with the convoy and not stand out if you’ve got a target on your back, no? 

Only BMW fanboys with a knack for detail will be able to set them apart as the 20-inch wheels are wrapped around in Michelin-sourced 255-740 R510 tyres, which have a thicker sidewall. Rest of the car looks as a standard 7 Series vehicle would.

There are four exterior colour options to choose from: Oxide Grey, Brooklyn Grey, Deep Grey, Adventurine Red and Pure Grey.

Strength from within

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Achieving VR9 level of protection for a vehicle is no small feat. Major changes had to be made for it to offer such a level of protection, which starts right from its core. So the 7 Series Protection vehicle gets a protective shell made of 10mm ballistic steel. The glasses are thicker than you’d imagine with multi layered bullet resistant glazing, while the underbody also gets additional armouring. 

The glass windows, in fact, are VPAM 10 classified – the highest level of protection for civilian protected vehicles. In addition to that, the armoured structure can be upgraded to offer VPAM 10 protection as an option.

The fuel tank is self sealing and the tyres are run-flat units, which can run for a distance of around 30km and can do speeds of up to 80kmph, despite full pressure loss.

Luxuriant still

The cabin of the 7 Series Protection still offers copious amounts of luxuries inside. So you get the dual curved displays, the premium Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround sound system, ambient lighting, heated and ventilated seats and even heated windscreens for optimum visibility at all times. 

Even the quality of the materials, which you can’t see for yourself and is something tangible, is the same level as the standard 7 Series. You still get four trim options and three full leather upholsteries to choose from. So not only does it take care of safety, but also the comfort and convenience of the VIPs inside.

Plenty oomph

Given that the 7 Series Protection weighs nearly 4,000kg, it is by no means a light vehicle. But even still, it packs a 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine under the hood, belting out 530PS and 750Nm. 

So while fleeing from a sticky situation, 0-100kmph will come up in just 6.6 seconds and it’ll happily sit at its top speed of 209kmph. The 8-speed automatic transmission drives all four wheels, and even though the powertrain is the same, the suspension components aren’t.

To accommodate for the extra weight, work has been done to tweak the chassis, which is tuned for maximum rear passenger comfort, while being equally stable and poised around corners. 

Suit yourself

Beyond its standard suite of safety kit and changes, the 7 Series Protection vehicle can be customised to suit your use-case or rather safety-case. So you can tailor it with safety features such as a fresh-air supply system, a fire extinguishing system, flashing lights, and radio transceivers and flag poles for use when the car is on official duty.

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BMW hasn’t divulged the prices for it, and says that it will only quote it to potential customers. But going by its rivals, you can expect a mammoth premium over the standard prices, which could go up to Rs 15 crore. For reference, the India-spec 6-cylinder variants are priced from Rs 1.81 crore (ex-showroom) onwards. 

It rivals the likes of the Audi A8L Security and can be considered an alternative to the Range Rover Sentinel, which is currently the security vehicle of India’s prime minister.

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